Unplayable: The Uncharted Trilogy

I typically write about more positive things or write with a more positive slant. However, I do occasionally write about a game that I rage over. Skate, Devil May Cry, SoulCalibur V, etc. I tried in the past to write a calm impressions piece about these games but I usually just end up ranting. So I’m going to embrace that and reintroduce a feature idea I had tried before: Unplayable. Unplayable will be me talking about games I hate and why I hate them. I’m sure a lot of the games I wind up hating will be controversial but venting is healthy sometimes. So without further waiting, here’s the first subject for the re-launch of Unplayable: the Uncharted trilogy.

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Discussing: Polygon’s Race Problem in Games


Polygon, ever the popular cat on the internet, recently published an opinion piece by Tauriq Moosa. I won’t be explaining the article in its entirety here so I suggest you click the link in the previous sentence and read it yourself before reading this reaction post. That said, I will say that the post dealt with the subject of video games not being inclusive towards various races, focusing only on Caucasian characters for the most part. What’s more is the article decided to use The Witcher: Wild Hunt as its focal point. Polygon has the bad reputation to publish articles and videos whose purpose is to rile up anger and controversy, not for the sake of creating discussion on well deserved topics but for more traffic on their sites. I mention this because I am not one of those people who think this. The reason being that I haven’t read Polygon or watched their videos in the past and despite my experience with the video games industry, including now four years as a blogger, critic, journalist, editorialist, and video creator in the field, I have managed to mostly keep Polygon out of my radar. I’ve only now started to read the site and this is the first opinion piece that I’ve read from the site. So I don’t have the expectations those who have been reading Polygon for awhile would have. Therefore, my reaction to this article is coming from someone with no previous bias towards Polygon and can be seen as a completely fresh opinion to this article and this article alone.

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Colorwind Reviews Comes a Time by Neil Young

NeilYoungalbum-ComesATimeComes a Time is a Neil Young album that rarely comes up in conversation when the artist is discussed. Recorded roughly over the course of two years, during which an album comprised of songs from two cancelled albums was released, this was Young’s first solo album of new songs in two years. It was delayed from it’s initial release date twice, first due to the addition of rhythm sections to the songs and second due to Young’s concerns with the audio quality, resulting in Young buying the first 200,000 LPs of the initial pressing. The album marks Young’s return to the country rock sound that made his album Harvest a big hit. However, Comes a Time does not share the success that Harvest had, as there aren’t any radio hits and only the title track is a fan favorite. Does the album manage to recreate the magic of Young’s biggest album or does it deserve its rather unknown status?

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My Gaming Landscape [May 19th, 2015]

I played a lot of games this past month, though I didn’t stick to most of them. So instead of the usual format of separating the games with a title and giving each game a paragraph, I’m just going to write about them in the same paragraphs in a casual conversation. After all, this is supposed to be a casual post about the games I’ve been playing. I might keep it this way in the future but I’ll see how this does. I’ll still bold the names of the games I’ve been playing so you can see them easily. Also, sorry for no picture. I couldn’t figure out how to cram all these games into one image. Alright, on with the Gaming Landscape!

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Discovering ASMR Videos

keep-calm-and-asmrI’ve been looking for ways to relax myself as of late as I’ve been stressed out from taking on more than I could handle. I found YouTube videos on what’s called ASMR. I’m not entirely sure how I came upon them. Part of me thinks I heard them mentioned while watching a Halefail Q&A video and another part of me thought I heard it slightly before that. Either way, I’ve just known about this for about two to three weeks now. ASMR videos are videos that feature someone making various noises quietly, either with their hands, with various objects, and/or by talking softly or whispering, in order to relax the viewer. Usually this results at some point with getting chills down the back of your neck or elsewhere. Visual stimulators are also used to enhance the audio and sometimes, videos will have people roleplay as stylists, hairdressers or doctors.

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Rediscovering Fighting Games

Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been replaying fighting games that I wasn’t originally big on and finding new characters that I like to play as, thereby making the game feel fresh to me. The first game was Tekken Tag Tournament. I got the HD version not too long ago and was disappointed that everything was unlocked from the start for me. What else is there to do when there’s no online mode? However, at random, I picked Kunimitsu and started really enjoying the game as I learned her move set and found it to my liking. I kept playing through Arcade mode over and over just because I enjoyed playing as Kunimitsu and I wanted to play more as her and get better with her fighting style.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to play a Mortal Kombat game since Mortal Kombat X just came out but I don’t have any way to play it. So I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat 3, a game that, again, I wasn’t hugely into back in the day but have found renewed interest in thanks to finding a new character I really liked that I didn’t play before. This time, it was Cyrax and I’ve been getting better and better with him. The other night I beat the game three times with relative ease! I’ve even learn a couple of exploits that lets me beat Motaro and Shao Kahn without dying…much. When I do it right, I beat them no problem but sometimes I screw up so that’s why I keep dying and why I need to practice.

I just thought I would blog about this occurrence because it just goes to show that if a game is really good, it doesn’t matter how old it is. There’s a chance that you can still find something new in it that’ll make it brand new all over again. Do you have any games that you have played before that you found something new about it to like after you revisit it? Tell me in the comments. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.

Consumer Counselor: Fighting Games

Consumer Counselor

Hey! Chet Hypeman here! Have you heard about the new hotness? The latest big fighting game Mortal Kombat X is out and it’s just the bee’s knees! You better get your ass to the nearest Electronics Boutique and pick yourself up a copy before you get left in the dust by all your friends! Wait, what’s that? You don’t know how to play fighting games? You stupid bastard! How can you not know how to play fighting games? Thank goodness Colorwind, the Consumer Counselor, is here to help you get started! Now sit down, shut your ugly face, and have a lollipop. Here are a few games that will help teach you how to play fighting games.

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My Gaming Landscape [April 21st, 2015]


Two weeks and another Gaming Landscape! I’ve had one of those periods where I keep playing different games and not sticking to one. So this is going to be a long one. There’s a few I’m not going to talk about, such as Mega Man X4, which I wrote a review for at MONG, and Super Metroid, which I plan on writing a review for here. Also, I did a few videos on Haunting Starring Polterguy, and a live stream on Sonic Adventure DX. That footage has been deleted since the audio is garbage. On that note, I’m not going to make videos for awhile because I need a new microphone. Alright! That’s enough clean-up and set-up! Let’s get into it.

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