Discussing: YouTube Copyright Claims Update

This is going to be a very small post. I would’ve just edited my previous post and added a paragraph but I need to undo a big announcement I made in the previous post and it felt like it at least deserved its own separate post. In my last Discussing post, I announced that I would stop making YouTube videos on Nintendo and Sega games due to their constant copyright claims. Since I posted that article, Sega has removed ALL of their copyright claims. Every single one is gone and all of my videos can be monetized and viewed now. As a result, I will cover Sega games again on my YouTube channel. Thanks, Sega! Quick note: I still won’t be covering Nintendo games.

Discussing: YouTube Copyright Claims

content-id-youtube-600x369I make YouTube lets play videos. They don’t get many views but I enjoy doing it. If anything, I have fun making them and playing the games I show. However, I would like this to perhaps turn into something more and as such, I monetize my videos. I haven’t seen any money from this yet, but perhaps someday, right? WRONG! At least for some videos. For awhile now, I’ve been getting hit with copyright claims from game companies, claiming ad revenue from my videos (which again amounts to zero). I’ve gotten a few for my Batman Arkham Asylum videos and my Deadpool videos, a few random ones here and there.

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Journal: Surgery and Pizza

So yesterday my mother had her surgery and she came out of it really quick. She was in and out of the operating room in like 45 minutes. However, we waited for her to go into the operating room for like three and a half hours. However, she’s fine and she wasn’t even in any pain or drowsy despite being under anesthesia. Continue reading “Journal: Surgery and Pizza”

Discussing: The Xbox 360 YouTube App is Garbage

Okay I hope I get some responses on this one. How many of you have trouble with the YouTube app on the Xbox 360? I know I do.

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