Standby Is Super Meat Boy Meets Electro-Minimalist Han Solo

I was searching the Steam store looking for new releases that looked interesting and I came across a game called Standby. Developed by NoClip and published by HypeTrain Digital, it’s a platformer with short levels, high difficulty, and requires near perfect execution, similar to games like Super Meat Boy. It’s heavily rhythm based in that you need expert precision if you want to get through the level and especially if you want to collect all the keys and finish the level under the optional time limit. To do this, you’re going to run, jump, slide, shoot, double jump, stomp, wall jump, and more across dangerous walls, bottomless pits, barriers, security lasers, and other hazards.

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My Gaming Landscape [April 21st, 2015]


Two weeks and another Gaming Landscape! I’ve had one of those periods where I keep playing different games and not sticking to one. So this is going to be a long one. There’s a few I’m not going to talk about, such as Mega Man X4, which I wrote a review for at MONG, and Super Metroid, which I plan on writing a review for here. Also, I did a few videos on Haunting Starring Polterguy, and a live stream on Sonic Adventure DX. That footage has been deleted since the audio is garbage. On that note, I’m not going to make videos for awhile because I need a new microphone. Alright! That’s enough clean-up and set-up! Let’s get into it.

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