My Gaming Landscape [March 6th, 2015]


Since my last Gaming Landscape, which hasn’t been too long ago, I’ve jumped between several games before settling on two. I was also sick with the flu for a majority of this time so I had a bit more time to play these games. How many of you do that, where you have several games that start before just settling on one or two that grab you? Anyways, here’s the two in question that have made up My Gaming Landscape for the last two and a half weeks.

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My Gaming Landscape [February 17th, 2015]


Another Gaming Landscape! I’ve been playing a lot of games recently, so many in fact that I’ve unfortunately been neglecting some. Specifically Metroid Prime Trilogy. I really want to play that game more but I haven’t touched it in like three week. Actually since the last Gaming Landscape I did. But this isn’t about video games I haven’t been playing. It’s not even about games I want to play! Here are the games I HAVE been playing. Lets get to it!

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My Gaming Landscape [July 14th, 2014]


Peace and love, gamers and players and welcome to My Gaming Landscape. This is a weekly article where I talk about the games I’ve been playing for the last week. The past week has been less hectic for me, as I only loaded up seven games: Final Fantasy IV, Pokémon X, Sonic Colors, Sonic Adventure 2, Eternal Sonata, Double Dragon Neon and Pac-Man via Namco Museum Vol.1.

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Journal: Pokémon Sunday

20140316_143802_AndroidI don’t know why today of all days has inspired me to write a journal entry but here we are. I woke up late, almost noon. It’s been nice sleeping in lately as I had a busy week, a busy Tuesday really, I’m trying to recover from. After checking my email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, and Feedly accounts (probably Google+ too), I watch a couple of YouTube videos. Continue reading “Journal: Pokémon Sunday”

Countdown: My 13 3DS Games of 2013


This year was the year I finally bought a Nintendo 3DS. Back in April, I went to my local Walmart and bought a blue 3DS XL with three games. Now the year is coming to an end and while at first I didn’t use my 3DS that much, I’m now in love with my 3DS. The games I’ve played has made me hopeful for the handheld’s library. I played exactly 13 games this year, some to completion and some not. So I thought I would talk about them. Continue reading “Countdown: My 13 3DS Games of 2013”

My Gaming Landscape [October 29, 2013]

My Gaming Landscape

Man did I play a lot of games this past week. 15 to be exact! I played more Pokémon X, mostly just leveling, super training and petting my Pokémon. My Bulbasaur evolved into an Ivysaur so yay. I tried to play more Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver but I’m stuck again so I didn’t get far. I popped in Injustice: Gods Among Us for some online matches and I went through the story mode with Ares. I popped in Prince of Persia HD Trilogy and played more of Sands of Time. I’m around 3/4 of the way through the game. I gave Final Fantasy XIII a try again and made some progress with doing the Cie’th Stones or whatever they’re called. I’ve completed three of them, which is better than none so that’s progress at least. Not very fun, though. Continue reading “My Gaming Landscape [October 29, 2013]”

My Gaming Landscape [October 22, 2013]

My Gaming Landscape

This is going to be quick as I didn’t play very many games this past week simply because I was busy with work and work took extra long due to me still being a little sick. I played a little bit of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme 3D but not much. It was mostly me finding heart pieces and gold skulltula and going through the Lost Woods. Seriously, over the week I played about two hours. Not much at all.

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My Gaming Landscape [October 10, 2013]

My Gaming Landscape

Sorry my Gaming Landscape for the week is late but I’ve been sick with the flu since last Friday. The upside to this is I got to play a lot of games this week. I continued playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning but I only played it twice this past week. I’ve noticed that I’m having a hard time sitting down and playing the game for multiple sessions. I think it’s because most of the game is essentially busy work and side quests. Even the story missions play out like the side quests. The quests are fun and the combat make them enjoyable but it makes the game less engaging. I’m going to continue to play it but only occasionally.

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