The xx: I See You Review | Lackadaisical Progress

819tPmCagZL._SL1500_Genre ► Indie Pop, Dream Pop

Release Date ► 2017-01-13

Length ► 39:15

Label ► Young Turks

Formats ► Digital, CD, Vinyl

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Green Day: Revolution Radio Review | Blood in the Soundwaves

GD-RR-CVR-24x24_0.jpgGenre ► Punk Rock, Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

Release Date ► 2016-10-07

Length ► 44:29

Label ► Reprise

Formats ► Digital, CD, Vinyl

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My Musical Landscape [August 13th, 2015]

Welcome to the inaugural edition of My Musical Landscape. Like my other Landscape posts, this will be an informal blog post in which I talk about music I’ve been listening to. I’m a big fan of music and it’s actually somewhat shocking that I haven’t done something like this in the past more frequently. So with that being said, let’s talk music!

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Colorwind Reviews Comes a Time by Neil Young

NeilYoungalbum-ComesATimeComes a Time is a Neil Young album that rarely comes up in conversation when the artist is discussed. Recorded roughly over the course of two years, during which an album comprised of songs from two cancelled albums was released, this was Young’s first solo album of new songs in two years. It was delayed from it’s initial release date twice, first due to the addition of rhythm sections to the songs and second due to Young’s concerns with the audio quality, resulting in Young buying the first 200,000 LPs of the initial pressing. The album marks Young’s return to the country rock sound that made his album Harvest a big hit. However, Comes a Time does not share the success that Harvest had, as there aren’t any radio hits and only the title track is a fan favorite. Does the album manage to recreate the magic of Young’s biggest album or does it deserve its rather unknown status?

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Discussing: Does Gaming Influence Musical Tastes?

Aside from gaming, I’m very passionate about music. I love a variety of music, from AC/DC to Bruno Mars. I like most if not all genres and I’ll give almost anything a shot. However, I do have my preferences. I tend to like rock more than electronic music. So I’ll take AFI over Lady Gaga any day. However, I’m also aware that this puts me at odds with most music in video games. I noticed this pretty early on. When I was seven or eight years old, I was listening to my parent’s records of Elton John and Rod Stewart and then playing Super Mario World or Street Fighter II with a soundtrack that was consisting of bleeps and bloops.

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Colorwind Reviews Aja by Steely Dan–Dime Dancin’

21JJCP2J6DLSteely Dan’s Aja doesn’t sound like any of the band’s previous work. It’s true that Donald Fagen and Walter Becker have always worn their Jazz influence on their sleeve but they were also very mindful of what was charting on the Top 40. Songs like Reelin’ in the Years, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number, and even non-singles like Bad Sneakers could easily rub elbows with popular pop songs at the time. However, it was very apparent by this album that Steely Dan were ready to go beyond the popular crowd to fully embrace their love for Jazz, resulting in Aja, a landmark in the Jazz Rock genre.

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Discussing: Sia’s Elastic Heart Music Video

My knowledge of Sia is pretty limited. I know she has some acclaim as an independent artist but I primarily know her from David Guetta’s song Titanium, which I didn’t like. So when I heard through Twitter about this new video from Sia with Shia LaBeouf in it, I ignored it at first. I didn’t like Titanium and I figured it would sound like that song. However, I kept hearing about it and the controversy it stirred up. It stayed in my mind. Finally my friend EJ posted about it on Facebook and I decided to watch the video.

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Colorwind Reviews The Black Keys’ Turn Blue–Harmonious Heartbreak

tbkThe Black Keys have always been a cloth ripped from the golden age of rock. Their blues rock sound was always more 60s than punk rock and less eccentric than their like minded peer Jack White. However, they have never had an opportunity to really let that influence shine as they had always were under the light of the indie rock label. However, with Turn Blue, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have turned their real life pain into an atmospheric yet crushing album that serves as the best they’ve done in their careers.

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I Love Sonic Music! Part 2!!

topPeace and love, gamers and players. Colorwind here, and seeing how well my last Sonic music post went, I decided to post some more Sonic music that I like. Once again, these aren’t my favorite or anything. I just picked five tracks that I like and put them in no particular order. Continue reading “I Love Sonic Music! Part 2!!”