Game Pitch: Primal Rage: New Urth

This is an idea that I’ve been sitting on for some time now. I’ve always wondered what a new Primal Rage would look like and after thinking about this for what feels like a year, I’ve come up with a relatively simple idea, mostly due to one factor: the game needs to be a reimagining of the first game.

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Game Pitch: Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Dream Lineup

1497374This is going to be a more casual game pitch because I was just thinking about what characters I would like from a new Marvel vs. Capcom game, if Capcom were to get the Marvel license again. There were over 50 characters in Marvel 2 and there weren’t nearly enough characters in Marvel 3 so Marvel 4 would have to be not just bigger than Marvel 2 but bigger than what Marvel 3 should have been. So I have a list of 100 characters, 50 from each company, I would like to see. It was surprisingly easy.

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Game Pitch: Twisted Metal–High Octane

twisted-metal-sweet-toothI’ve been writing a lot recently about Twisted Metal and I’d thought I’d end my series of Twisted Metal themed posts with a game pitch for a new Twisted Metal. This will be a bit shorter than most as there’s not a lot that needs to be changed from previous iterations. However, I’m a big fan of the more traditional style of Twisted Metal, such as 2 and Head On, and I would like to see a new game in that style. So without further ado, here’s my idea for Twisted Metal: High Octane.

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Game Pitch – Golden Axe: The Addler Society


The other day I was thinking about the potential sale of Capcom’s IPs and maybe even the company itself and I was thinking how any video game series of old could be updated, remain true to its roots, and be a good game. I was trying to think of some random old franchise as an example and for some reason landed on Golden Axe. I started really thinking about the mechanics, the features, the story and the modes and actually came up with a pretty good pitch for a new Golden Axe game. So I now present to you Golden Axe: The Addler Society.

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Game Pitch: Mega Man X: Resistance Assault

I had a dream. No, it wasn’t this inspirational vision of racial equality, it was just a video game idea that doesn’t exist yet. I’m a big Mega Man X fan but I haven’t played a new Mega Man X game since the disaster that was X7. However, even before that game, I knew the series had grow stale. Even now, I think a normal X9 title would not be the best way to go. Last night, I dreamt about a new game in the Mega Man X series with some new concepts and changes, a new game I’m calling Mega Man X: Resistance Assault

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Game Pitch: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 3 Cast Suggestions

So I’ve played a lot of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and with all of the courses in that game that are inspired by various games from Sega’s past, it’s a shame that not more of the playable characters reflect that. I mean, a fifth of the characters are from Sonic the Hedgehog. So I thought I would lay out some suggestions for characters that could appear in the inevitable sequel. Continue reading “Game Pitch: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing 3 Cast Suggestions”

Game Pitch: EA Genesis Collection


Wouldn’t it be cool if Electronic Arts released a collection of games they made for the Sega Genesis? The early 90s was one of the most creative periods for EA and they certainly weren’t the evil mega publisher they are today. The made some hardcore and weird games during this time and I would love to see a collection of them all in one place. If they were to assemble a bunch of games for this, here’s what I think should be in that compilation: Continue reading “Game Pitch: EA Genesis Collection”

Game Pitch: The Brothers in Arms HD Collection

I’ve been in a shooter vibe recently. I’ve also been in a PlayStation 1 vibe but that’s another blog. I’m not a big fan of shooters. I’m not very good at them and many shooters tend to focus on reflexes rather than strategy. Not that having a quick reaction timing isn’t a skill but there isn’t many instances in shooters where you outsmart your opponent like in a strategy game or counter your enemy like in a fighting game. Of course, there are exceptions and the Brothers in Arms series is one of them.

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Game Pitch: Xbox Champions (Part 4)

Let’s wrap up this pitch with the last batch of characters, plus some DLC character ideas and a quick description of items in the game.

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Game Pitch: Xbox Champions (Part 3)

This is part three of my pitch for a Smash Bros style game with Microsoft characters. Continuing the list of of characters, lets look at some more characters from Microsoft as well as some third party characters that both are associated with the Xbox or are just cool to have.

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