The DMC Diaries–Part 4

DMC Diaries 4

This is the first DMC diary of me playing the HD Collection so here’s a couple quick observations while I played through the first three missions again. First off, I’m playing the 360 version and it really sucks that I can map Lock On to the right trigger. It’s a bummer in general that I can’t remap the buttons at all. Second, in terms of a HD remaster, Dante himself and a lot of the characters and enemies look pretty good. The textures aren’t the most detailed but they look good in HD. The environments, on the other hand, look absolutely awful! The textures are all blurry and it doesn’t even look like anyone making this collection bothered to do anything with them. Alright, with that being said, lets take a look at Missions 4 through 6, which was my next play session.

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The DMC Diaries–Part 1

DMC Diaries 1

As the name implies I will be playing the first Devil May Cry and giving my immediate thoughts as I play. Going in, I am not a fan of the series (as explained in my introduction post) but I am willing to look at the game in a new way. I am prepared to focus less on what it does wrong and more on what it does right. That being said, I won’t shy away from addressing the problems I have with the game as I encounter them. The first and second part of the DMC Diaries are going to be based on me playing the original PS2 game via the PCSX2 emulator. However, I recently repurchased the HD Collection so part 3 will be based on that. Also, since I have played this game all the way through before, I am going to try and get the most I can out of the game. Therefore, I will be using a guide. I will be going into a lot of details in this post so for those who haven’t played Devil May Cry, this will be full of spoilers. This is mostly for those who have played the game and want to see the reaction of someone who doesn’t like the series try to change their minds on it. So…SPOILERS!

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The DMC Diaries–Introduction

DMC Diaries Intro

I don’t like Devil May Cry. I’ve said so in the past and I stand by it now. However it wasn’t always like that and it may not be like that in the future. I recently wrote about how I have a new found respect for the first Resident Evil game and the series as a whole in light of the HD remaster of the remake and I’m now going to see if I can have the same revelation with another Capcom game I dislike. What I’m going to do is blog about my thoughts immediately after playing a portion of the game. So ostensibly, I’m going to give my impressions as I play in a sort of journal or diary format. This will be based on the first game being played on the PCSX2 emulator. I used to have the HD Collection but I sold it due to the aforementioned hatred of the series. Perhaps I’ll buy it back though after this is done! Lets get started with the inaugural entry in The DMC Diaries.

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Journal: Food, Writing, and Devil May Cry!

Today was soooo busy, I can’t believe I got done what I got done.

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Colorwind Plays ► DmC: Devil May Cry – Vergil’s Downfall (PC)

Originally a Colorwind Plays episode. In this episode of Colorblind, we take a look at some DLC for DmC: Devil May Cry, Vergil’s Downfall on the PC. Is it any good? Watch the video and see for yourself!
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My Gaming Landscape [April 1, 2013]

My list of games this month is a bit smaller than last month’s but there was still quite a few. I never did write that L.A. Noire review but just know that I liked it but had problems with having nothing really to do in the city and the story was kind of pointless. Unofficial score: 4 out of 5. I played some games for review for Gaming Precision, others because I wanted to, for one reason or another. Without further adieu, let’s get to it!

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