Colorwind Reviews A Little Help

So I saw a movie called A Little Help today. It stars Jenna Fischer as a mother whose husband dies and needs to pull her life together for herself and her son. I thought this movie was okay. Perhaps even good. Right off the bat, I’ll say that Jenna Fischer is good in this movie. She doesn’t give a Oscar winning performance or anything but she plays reserved yet weathered but a bit immature well. Her character Laura makes one bad decision after another and they don’t necessarily seem bad at the time but are definitely impulsive and a result of her grasping at straws as she tries to find some form of happiness. This is also however because she is not a strong person and she is really oblivious to why these things are bad ideas. She never shouts back at her problems, except at the dog next door that constantly is barking. At one point, her son (SPOILERS) lets the dog loose in an attempt to calm her down and when the neighbor yells at her and calls her a bad mother for raising a “monster”, she just goes and looks for the dog and takes the neighbor’s abuse.

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