Unplayable: The Uncharted Trilogy

I typically write about more positive things or write with a more positive slant. However, I do occasionally write about a game that I rage over. Skate, Devil May Cry, SoulCalibur V, etc. I tried in the past to write a calm impressions piece about these games but I usually just end up ranting. So I’m going to embrace that and reintroduce a feature idea I had tried before: Unplayable. Unplayable will be me talking about games I hate and why I hate them. I’m sure a lot of the games I wind up hating will be controversial but venting is healthy sometimes. So without further waiting, here’s the first subject for the re-launch of Unplayable: the Uncharted trilogy.

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Skate–Frustration to 360 Flip

159ac4f8-e80c-4acc-bac4-81c1f405fc49Last weekend and Monday, I started playing a game that’s been in my backlog for a long time. I used to own Skate about a year or two after it came out but I never sat down and actually gave it a fair shot. So I bought it when it was on sale on the Xbox Games Marketplace earlier this year and sat down and played it some last Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that this is more of an impressions piece rather than a review because I haven’t completed the game.

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Unplayable: Grand Theft Auto 2

Some games stand the test of time and some don’t. However, some games aren’t that simple. Some games clearly led to something great, even if they themselves are not fun. However, should that benefit the game on its own? Even if said game has good ideas, should that improve your experience with the game proper? I did a post on the first Grand Theft Auto and deemed it unplayable. Perhaps not broken (as a mentioned in that post’s rebuttal) but unplayable. As a fan of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, I was surprised that the series was allowed to continue after making such a disappointing game. Maybe it was due to all of the Lemmings money. Anyways, I also played its sequel and while it didn’t give a great first impression and I can’t say I had fun with it at all, giving it another shot yielded a more positive experience. Yet I still didn’t have fun. So is or isn’t Grand Theft Auto 2 unplayable? Continue reading “Unplayable: Grand Theft Auto 2”

Unplayable: Grand Theft Auto (Rebuttal)

I previously posted an article about the original Grand Theft Auto. In it, I said that I was basically unable to play more than about an hour of the game. I received a fair amount of feedback on that so I would like to answer some of the comments I received. I am still planning on posting my thoughts on the sequel Grand Theft Auto 2 soon but I decided to this first. Continue reading “Unplayable: Grand Theft Auto (Rebuttal)”

Unplayable: Grand Theft Auto

GTA_-_Box_FrontSome titles stand the test of time. Some titles 10 years later are still fun to play to this day. Sure, they may have aged and may pale in comparison to their newer iterations but they are still enjoyable and playable despite all that. Some are even better than their modern counterparts. However, other titles have not stood the test of time. Some titles years after their release are rude awakenings, especially to those with nostalgic glasses on. Their modern iterations are light years beyond the original concept and make you wonder how the series was allowed to proceed from its atrocious beginnings. The original Grand Theft Auto is unplayable.

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Steven’s Soapbox: Tag

Maybe I’m tired (it’s 4:00 in the morning so I’m definitely tired) but Tag is a stupid game. Just stupid. “Oh, I’m gonna run away from you because I don’t want you to touch me. Oh no. You got me. Now I’m gonna run after you to do the same thing.” WHAT THE HELL KIND OF GAME IS THAT??? Seriously, who friggin’’ thought of this? This is the kind of game that dumbs down kids. I never liked it as a kid and it such a brainless idea to me now. Here’s proof.

Resident Evil PSone Controls

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