Recommendations of the Week 8-19-11

This week’s picks are brought to you by Germany. I mattered because some big announcements were made at my convention.

Willkommen to this installment of Recommendations of the Week for August 18th, 2011. The summer drought is finally being lifted and although there’s not too many brand new games released this week, there are plenty of choices. Gamescom in Cologne, Germany yielded lots of news and things to get excited about and everyone and everything except for our wallets are happy with what’s new in video games. However, this week also showed a decent lineup of games to get now rather than the titles at Gamescom which are later. Some may be mad about the DRM on the PC version of From Dust but there are games that aren’t trying to screw you over! This week has a plastic army, a foul-mouthed degenerate, a beautiful work of art, and an old epic friend.

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Recommendations of the Week 8-12-11

This week’s recommendation is brought to you by Burger King. We had 88 cent Whoppers this past Monday because it was August 8th. We’re clever.

Salutations, noble warrior. I present to you the Recommendations of the Week for August 12th, 2011. This featured article on Gaming Precision informs you of games to play for the upcoming week and weekend. Unfortunately, some weeks are thinner than others when it comes to worthwhile titles. Oh sure, Fruit Ninja Kinect was released this week but it sucks! That was the major release this week so honestly there is nothing new to recommend this week. So why are you here? This post is over, right? WRONG! There’s always great games to play, even if there aren’t any new ones. So what do you do with no new titles to recommend? There are sure to be more titles to recommend in the upcoming weeks for sure but in the meantime, why not start that epic adventure you’ve been putting off…

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Recommendations of the Week 8-5-11

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by BORDERLANDS 2!!!!!!!!!!!! Reminding you that there isn’t crap to play right now!

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Recommendations of the Week 7-29-11

This week’s Recommendations of the Week is brought to you by the Weather Channel. We let you know not to go outside.

Welcome to this week’s Recommendations of the Week. This is a weekly blog post that suggests to you games to play for the upcoming week or for the weekend. Want to buy or rent or download a game and you don’t know what to spend your money on? Is said money burning a hole in your pocket, ruining your pants? Then this is the article for you! Who spends extra money on food? LOSERS THAT’S WHO! Gamers can live on ramen noodles and frag kills. This week, we’ve got a puzzle game with infidelity and this week’s retro pick celebrates its ten year anniversary.

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Recommendation of the Week: Bastion

From the depths of this summer drought in video games is a glimmer of hope in the form of online distributed titles. Each year, Microsoft has a Summer of Arcade event where a selection of Xbox Live Arcade games are released, poised as some of the best titles that’ll be released that year. Past entries include ‘Splosion Man, Shadow Complex, Braid, Limbo, and Castle Crashers. All of these games proved to be fun, unique games that you wouldn’t find in retail. This year’s Summer of Arcade is being kicked off with Bastion.

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Recommendation of the Week: Ms. Splosion Man

MsSplosionMan_1SPLOSION MAN!!!

One of my favorite XBLA games now has a sequel and it looks like it’ll be better than the last. Added features like rail sliding, new outdoors locals and epic boss battles follows the traditional of Pac-Man in that the fairer sex has the better game. Ms. Splosion spurts out one liners like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, “Draaamaaa”, and “What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man” while she runs, skips and tiptoes through the levels, sploding scientists, machinery and platforms along the way.

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