Music Box: Neil Young

This may be a popular choice but someone out there probably hasn’t listen to the music of Neil Young. Then again there’s also a lot of music from him even those who know him haven’t heard. Either way, I’ll keep this brief. Neil Young is awesome. Obvious writer is obvious. Although known for his introspective folk rock / singer-songwriter style, he has experimented in a variety of different genres, including new wave and country. Anyone who enjoys songwriting that’s honest and heartfelt should look no further than Neil Young. Even when some of his music isn’t great, never has it been a ploy to appeal to a popular demographic or something he didn’t believe in at the time.

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Music Box: Erotica by Madonna

While video games are a major hobby in my life, that’s not all I spend my time on. Music has been an important part of my life and I adore all kinds of music. Rock, pop, country, classical, hip-hop, folk, the list goes on. Whether its popular or underground, I am constantly looking and listening to different kinds of music. So in this new blog series, I’ll nerd out on different music that I like or dislike. Topics will vary from artists to albums to genres to anything I can think of. As long as it’s music related I’ll discuss it in this series.

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The Legacy of Art of Fighting


Well, here we are at the end of Art of Fighting week. I hope you enjoyed the history and reviews and today we’ll end with a short post about what this series contributed to the genre. If you read the previous entries this week, then you can come to the conclusion that Art of Fighting may not be a great series but it is an intriguing one and it did things other fighting games didn’t.

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The Art of a Fighting Series


Welcome to the inaugural post in Art of Fighting week! For those who don’t know, all this week I’ll be posting an editorial once a day from Monday through Friday about SNK’s Art of Fighting franchise. Being the first day, I’ll focus on the history of the series as well as my personal experience with the games. So without further ado, let’s play the Art of Fighting series. Kooh-Ken!

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