2016 Was Terrible, But Important

A quick introduction before I get into the editorial proper. This is an article that has been delayed longer than I would’ve wished for. I wanted for some time now to write about more than just video games, music, and movies. Moving forward, this WordPress blog is going to be more based on myself than the topics I typically focus on. I mentioned this in the past, but this is really the start of that. Instead of coming to this blog for stuff on video games, you’ll be coming here for me, for my views and thoughts on a variety of topics. Subject matter will start becoming more serious and more controversial topics are bound to pop up. I thank you for continuing to read my work, and support my content. Video games and the like will still have a big presence here, as I’m still passionate about those subjects. However, you’re going to see a lot more than just that from now on. Now on to the editorial. Continue reading “2016 Was Terrible, But Important”

Colorwind Reviews Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 1)–It’s A Miracle!


Determination can be an addictive quality. A lot of people are leaders not because they had a good idea, but because they were determined and that rallies other people to follow them or replicate their spirit. Determined people usually have a certain trait to them, such as always facing forward, that makes it easier to notice them. However, sometimes people can surprise you. For example, when thinking about determined people, you might think of businessmen, politicians, maybe even entertainers. However, you probably won’t think of cult members or kidnapees. Kimmy Schmidt might just change that as who else other than a determined person would come out of a bunker after 15 years of captivity smiling?