Colorwind Reviews A Little Help

So I saw a movie called A Little Help today. It stars Jenna Fischer as a mother whose husband dies and needs to pull her life together for herself and her son. I thought this movie was okay. Perhaps even good. Right off the bat, I’ll say that Jenna Fischer is good in this movie. She doesn’t give a Oscar winning performance or anything but she plays reserved yet weathered but a bit immature well. Her character Laura makes one bad decision after another and they don’t necessarily seem bad at the time but are definitely impulsive and a result of her grasping at straws as she tries to find some form of happiness. This is also however because she is not a strong person and she is really oblivious to why these things are bad ideas. She never shouts back at her problems, except at the dog next door that constantly is barking. At one point, her son (SPOILERS) lets the dog loose in an attempt to calm her down and when the neighbor yells at her and calls her a bad mother for raising a “monster”, she just goes and looks for the dog and takes the neighbor’s abuse.

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Discussing: Troubles with Movies

I’ve noticed a problem I have with watching movies. I have a hard time sitting through one. I do like movies, but I have a hard time mustering up the mindset to sit through two hours of cinema. At first, I thought that it was because of the running time. Maybe I can’t stay involved for that long. Maybe that’s why I prefer television shows and their 22 minute run time. This also works for internet shows, which I enjoy a lot as well. However, I really enjoy most of the movies I do watch, even the bad ones.

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Discussing: Netflix and The Streaming Business

As probably everyone knows by now, Netflix is separating their two aspects of service into different subsidiaries. The name Netflix will stay with the streaming service they provide and the DVD mailing service will be called Qwikster. The general consensus to this announcement seems to be universally negative and following the price increase earlier this year, Netflix is no longer as beloved as they make questionable decisions. The backlash is understandable. People don’t adjust to change well, especially when they enjoy the service the way it is as much as most do with Netflix. The software for the service is now being including into televisions directly as a result. I’m sure there are some manufacturer that are less than happy with the decision as it lowers the amount of people who would’ve associated Netflix with DVDs or had the service just because they had DVDs mailed to them.

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Bad Movies

I have a question. Can you legitimately say a movie is bad if you didn’t see the whole movie in its entirety? I tried to watch Burning Palms yesterday and I couldn’t get through it. However, the story had sounded so intriguing to me so I found a summary of the plot online and read it. I was so glad I stopped the movie when I did because the summary described an absolutely awful and unnecessarily offensive and hackneyed plot. I personally believe that you can past judgment to an extent on a movie or another form of media without having experienced it completely. Case in point: Stay the fuck away from “Burning Palms”.

Colorwind Reviews Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

I saw this movie yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting to. I saw it because my mother Cynthia recommended I see a Elizabeth Taylor movie since she just passed away. That movie was streaming on Netflix so it would be easy to just sit down and play it.

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Colorwind Reviews Batman Returns

I just saw Batman Returns in its entirety right now. Before, when I was young, I had only seen some scenes when I would visit my aunt’s house (she had all of the movie channels, which in the 90s was really awesome). Now that I’ve seen it fully, I have context to what I saw before. I was truly blown away with what I saw.

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