A Brain Like Mine

Wrists shackled to the bed

The monster in my head

Shelters all the confined

Beleaguered lost in time

Daydreaming late at night

Of afternoon delight

Ignore the flow of time

The rhythm is all mine

Quickly losing control

Breeds chaos of the soul

But logic does not rest

So get this off my chest

We do not need to breathe

The silence needs to leave

Wrecking what I have solved

Not letting me evolve

Beaten until I’m done

Backbone twisted and wrung

Been shaken to the core

It’s killed what I adore

Frozen stiff and stagnant

Latched on like a magnet

I’ve lost all sense of time

These feelings are not mine

Lack of self-relevance

Gone is my arrogance

Distracted, dumb, and dazed

Confounded, cold, and crazed

Dreams so satirical

Thoughts less than biblical

Devoid of hope and sound

Despondent, dismal, downed

Catatonic for days

Indifferent in my ways

No love, no pain, no fear

Who will know I am here?

Forever I will stay

Blended into the gray

Desecrating my time

My problems are all mine

I’ll find a solution

From this dark illusion

Will not let things go wrong

And like a ghost, they’re gone

I’m just a selfish man

Not doing all I can

Just wasting so much time

Who wants a brain like mine?


You talking to me? Are you...talking to me?

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