Foxygen: Hang MINI-REVIEW

Format: Studio Album, Long Play (LP)

Genre: Baroque Pop, Art Rock

Length: 32:18

Label: Jagjaguar

Media Types: Digital, Streaming, CD, Vinyl, Cassette

Release Date: January 20th, 2017

Sounding like a blast from the past, this Baroque Pop album flirts with more esoteric genres like Art Rock to make a cheerfully cynical yet dramatic and hopeful listen that wears its early David Bowie influence on its sleeve. Lyrically, the album often delves into dire topics such as suicidal thoughts, commercialism, and unrealistic expectations, and this is made more palatable by the symphonic music. Yet this isn’t a limitation as the music will often deviate from conventional pop confections to give the cheeriness a sense of confusion and chaos. It’s unfortunate that the album loses steam towards the end, as the songs lack the focus of the first half. Also, at eight songs and 32 minutes, it’s a short album that doesn’t feel cohesive enough to be gratifying. Regardless, what is here is mostly solid and fans of Indie Pop with a retro sound that isn’t afraid to take some chances should check this out.





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