Discovering Moon Knight

I know nothing about Moon Knight and, in all fairness, I still don’t know the character well. I’ve read all 11 issues of the fifth volume of Moon Knight and I get the feeling that it doesn’t explain what the general idea is behind the character and is instead dissecting the man rather than the superhero, Marc Spector. However, that’s a bit complicated as he has Dissociative Identity Disorder, and has two other personalities, Stephen Grant, and Jake Lockley. It’s quite engaging watching and reading this guy try to piece together his mind and bring a sense of control back to his identity so that he can fight back against the one who destroyed his mind in the first place. I don’t want to spoil anything, although this current volume is nearly a year old, but I’m not used to reading a comic that incorporates much more personality centric ideas into the ‘hero stops villain’ structure.

The comic handles this multiple personality angle a couple of ways. First, the way the story is told is linear but jumps perspectives. This can make the story a bit hard to follow despite it being told in a regular linear fashion. Regardless, it’s interesting how it jumps from what Marc sees to what everyone else sees to what is in Marc’s mind, making it compelling and engaging even if it’s been done before. The second is in the art design. A muted tones combined with a rough sketch style makes it fantastical yet gritty. Beautiful landscape shots and striking images with a purposeful use of empty space and plain primary colors really catch your eye. This is used not only to be artistic but to visually tell the reader what is happening and to whom. Later on, the art style is changed to emphasize this even more. I love the way they’ve utilized all aspects of the medium.


One of the defining characteristics of Moon Knight is Khonshu, the Egyptian god who influences Marc Spector to fight crime under his name. He has the skull of a bird for a head and its often depicted wearing a suit, sitting in an armchair. Khonshu saved Marc from death as well as bestowed upon him vague superhuman abilities, which more or less result in heightened intelligence, instincts, and endurance. However, Khonshu typically would rather lecture Marc instead of help him directly and this creates a seemingly strained relationship between the two. Khonshu expects more from Marc, usually only showing up when Marc has made a mistake, and while Marc respects Khonshu, he’s never entirely subservient. The end of the first story arc of Volume 5 affects this relationship considerably so, again, no spoilers, but it’s awesome.

Volume 5 drew me in so severely, I got and read all 17 issues of Volume 4, and after reading that, I was able to get a feel of what Moon Knight is. Volume 4 is much more focused on Moon Knight rather than Marc Spector. He’s a lot like Batman as he seems to have a lot of money, he takes out villains that are deserving of vengeance, and he uses gadgets and technology to fight, rather than superhuman abilities. Again, he does have some superhuman abilities, but they just give him the edge rather than being full blown superpowers. He’s calculating, cold, and has a strong sense of justice. He also seems to prefer being on his own as they allude to him having allies before, but they are no longer helping him. Unfortunately, Volume 4 focuses mostly on a villain of the week type of structure, meaning that besides the story arc in the middle of the volume, most of the comics aren’t really connected. As a result, Volume 4 is nowhere near the quality of Volume 5, but it’s still a fun read.

That’s about all I have to say about Moon Knight. I’ve downloaded all of Volume 3 and I plan to read that next. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on Moon Knight character, and if there’s any comics with Moon Knight that you’d recommend. Peace and love, brothers and sisters! Colorwind out.


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