Standby Is Super Meat Boy Meets Electro-Minimalist Han Solo

I was searching the Steam store looking for new releases that looked interesting and I came across a game called Standby. Developed by NoClip and published by HypeTrain Digital, it’s a platformer with short levels, high difficulty, and requires near perfect execution, similar to games like Super Meat Boy. It’s heavily rhythm based in that you need expert precision if you want to get through the level and especially if you want to collect all the keys and finish the level under the optional time limit. To do this, you’re going to run, jump, slide, shoot, double jump, stomp, wall jump, and more across dangerous walls, bottomless pits, barriers, security lasers, and other hazards.

I played through the first three sections, with each section having nine levels, so that’s 27 levels. There’s 54 levels in total so that’s about half of the game. So based on that, I found the game to be hard, some of it for the right reasons and some for the wrong reasons. When you get a stage right, it feels exhilarating, and it’s partially because you typically look really cool when you do it. Running through obstacles, sliding across hazardous floors while shooting through barriers like an action hero, launching through security lasers, it’s all awesome as hell. There’s a flow you get when you do these stages correctly that you really need to earn. There’s little room for error, which means you feel like a pro gamer when you get it just right.

However, it’s that same thing that makes the game feel restrictive. Your jump can’t be changed or influenced in midair once you input the command, similar to an old school Castlevania game. Also, the action button does so many of the commands in this game, sometimes it can feel unresponsive, resulting in you pressing the action button expecting one command and you instead getting another. Because of the need for precision in this game, once you screw up, there’s typically little you can do to recover from it and it often results in a restart. This isn’t much of a problem since you have infinite tries and the levels are typically brief. However, I felt like the third section started presenting levels that were too long.

Beyond that, the game has a cool minimalist art style that emphasizes sharp edges, florescent colors, and simple shapes. It’s a striking aesthetic, giving the game a sleek and polished look. Extra presentational touches like the background shifting color palettes, and brief flashes of slow down when barriers are destroyed emphasize the action, adding to the cool factor of the game. It’s admittedly not the most original style. I’m sure I’ve seen games that look similar if not exactly like this. However, I still found it visually pleasing nonetheless.

Cropped (2)

After the three sections I played, I lost interest. I felt the game becoming repetitive and I started getting frustrated with the limitations I mentioned before. Also, I’m just not that good at this game nor am I the type of gamer who wants to spend time getting good at a game like this. However, I think this game is just not for me. In my opinion, if you’re someone who likes a challenge in your platformers, you’re going to like this game. I personally think this game was definitely made with the speedrun community in mind. It’s a good game if you want something else in the vein of Bit.Trip.Runner. If you’re interested, you can check out the game via its Steam page. So what are your thoughts on this game? Have you played it? Is this something up your alley? Let me know in the comment section. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


3 thoughts on “Standby Is Super Meat Boy Meets Electro-Minimalist Han Solo

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