And it’s been awhile…

since I could hold my head up high.

Stained - It's Been Awhile

Hey everyone. It’s me, Colorwind, and I know I haven’t been here for a long time. I haven’t posted a blog, a video, anything since April 2016. I had started writing about how I was having trouble with anxiety and it ended up getting worse. I stopped writing, I stopped making videos, I stopped streaming, I even quit my associate editor position at the indie video games journalism site I wrote for Middle of Nowhere Gaming. It came to ahead in April and I just stopped everything. Since then, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking, contemplation, relaxing, soul searching, and healing. I wound up going to a therapist, whom I’ve been seeing ever since and will be continuing to see for the foreseeable future. I’m not going to go into details here as I’ve I did, this post would be extremely long. I just wanted to let you all know candidly why I just disappeared. However, I will post individual pieces about what I’m going through here from time to time as it is an ongoing process. What I will say is I’m feeling a lot better now, I’m glad I got the help I needed, and more importantly, I’m ready to start writing, making videos, and streaming.

First let’s talking about writing. My plan starting now is to post at least one written piece a week. I’ll aspire to write more than one but I’ll only promise one a week for now. In addition, while I’ll still be writing about video games, I don’t think they’ll be the main focus of my writings anymore. I made a category section a long while ago as I intended to write about other topics more often. I’m finally going to make good on that by writing more about movies, music, my aforementioned personal issues, politics, and more. Instead of being mostly just a video games blog, this is going to be more personality driven as the topics become more varied. Even this blog is an example of a more conversational, personal, and less rigid writing style that I’m going to utilize more alongside my more professional style. I will still write stuff like I did before, such as Colorwind Reviews, Discussing, and My Gaming Landscape. However, they will be less frequent as I make room for new ideas, and some might change names and structure as I try to make features that are more inclusive to all topics or highly specific to just one.

Next is my videos. As of now, all the let’s play shows I’ve been doing are canceled. Colorwind Plays, Colorwind Beats, Colorwind Streams, Colorwind Completes, Colorblind, Colorwind Fights Online, they’re all done. All the playthroughs that I’ve started will remain incomplete. I’ve tinkered with these shows so much that I don’t even know what they are anymore. So I’m starting fresh with two new shows, both with more of a solid idea behind them and a focus on quality rather than quantity.

Blast Processing Logo

The first show is Blast Processing. This will be a scripted, in depth video game review / overview show that focuses on Sega Genesis / MegaDrive games. The inspiration is of course shows like The Angry Video Game Nerd and Jon Tron, but more specifically, I’m going for a hybrid between ProJared, Super Bunnyhop, Some Call Me Johnny, and The Completionist. I’ll be walking the audience through the game so you can see what it’s like to actually play it while giving in depth analysis, information about the game itself, some comedic moments for good measure, and of course my opinion. I’ll also be completing these games and spoiling the story and ending. Seeing as I want to make these videos around 20 minutes, I’m hoping to make an episode once a month.

The second show actually coincides with my streaming plans. The second show is The Backlog Purge, where I play games I own but I’ve never finished. It’ll primarily consist of PC games since I don’t have the means to record from my consoles at the moment, but when I do, I’ll play console games as well. These will be moderately edited videos where I’ll be recording intros and adding special effects, and I’ll commit to releasing one 20-30 minute episode a week, though, again, I will strive for more than that.

The footage for The Backlog Purge will be recorded live on my Twitch channel, which brings up my streaming plans. I’m going to try to stream more than once a week, but I’ll promise only one stream a week. The plan is to stream more than just footage that will eventually be The Backlog Purge, but that’s what it’ll solely be for the time being.

The rollout for this new content is as planned: start writing this week, the first week of January, start streaming next week, the second week of January, post the beginning of first series of The Backlog Purge the third week of January, and to post the first Blast Processing the fourth week of January. Hopefully, this gradual rollout and non-daily schedule will allow me to post great content both consistently and reliably. I’ll also be posting a video of these updates on my YouTube channel soon as well for those who only subscribe to me there as well as a trailer for my two new shows. The last thing to mention is that I’ll be starting a Patreon but I’ll post another blog about that when it’s ready.

So that’s what’s going on. Man, this still ended up being really long! Thank you to anyone who supported me in the past as well as in the future. If you actually read all of this, tweet me @Colorwind on Twitter with the hashtag #LongBlogSquad. Peace and Love, brothers and sisters! Colorwind out. It’s great to be back!


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