Journal: If I Ever Get Around To Living

I had no schedule today. I woke up, tired since my sleeping pills aren’t working still, and just sat in my office watching videos and surfing the net. I had met my quota. I had published three posts on my blog in two days (this will make it four) and had written an editorial for Middle of Nowhere Gaming. That editorial was still in editing so I had nothing to do. I was free from obligations to my colleagues, from my personal weekly goals and from the metaphorical voice in my head that tells me I’m not accomplishing anything.

So how did I spend my day? Grocery shopping, McDonald’s for lunch, shoe shopping for Sin, taking carpets from a business that had gone under, and moving rooms around to accommodate said carpets. I haven’t been out this much all year! Indicative, I’m sure. In fact, I know but conditions they be doesn’t allocate much time for the great outdoors. Now I’m sore, tired, and actually embracing the crisp cold winds the weather delivered today. Yet I’m also a bit distressed that I didn’t get anything done.

How? Well, in an attempt to broaden my writing skills, I’ve been trying to watch, read, and hear different types of media. Movies, shows, books, comics, albums, singles, the lot of them all. In addition, I’m trying to play more recent games as they are released. So far I’ve done okay but I’m behind on all of these categories. I’m keeping lists of what I’ve done and what I’d like to do. The way my mind works, the lists may be causing undeserved stress. Yet I must admit I like the feeling of removing a completed game, movie, show, etc off the list.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably continue with the rugs if we aren’t both too sore. I suppose my artistic endeavors will have to wait a bit longer. Funny but it seems that I should enjoy something new like this rug stuff and going out longer to be just what I need. Well, you would be right. However, old habits die hard especially for someone as stubborn as I. Well, that’s enough for a late night journal entry from my bed while I wait in vain for my sleeping pill to work.


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