Journal: Sleeping Pill

zolpidem-tartrateIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a Journal entry. To mix things up and help readership of these posts, I’m also going to post this on Facebook and Tumblr directly. So for those reading this on Facebook, hey! Please check out my WordPress blog. I write about all kinds of stuff there.

If you follow my tweets or status updates, you may know that I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Now, this is nothing new. I’ve always had trouble sleeping ever since I was young. I specifically remember it starting when I was around 12 years old. I think it was because there were so many times previously where I was forced or expected to fall asleep, like during my time at the YMCA where naps were mandatory and when I would visit my tia’s place where they went to sleep early because of my tio’s early work schedule. Since then, if I was supposed to go to sleep at a certain time, it’s always been difficult. Well, recently it’s gotten really bad, as I’ve been falling asleep and waking up later and later until I missed out in roughly a day of sleep three times last month alone. So I’ve gone around the clock, sort of speak, three times.

I went to the doctor and tried to convince her to send me to a specialist. I don’t like pills so I wasn’t looking to be drugged. However, I get the impression that she either didn’t believe me or felt she knew better than me and she gave me pills instead. At first, the pills she gave me weren’t covered by my insurance and I had to go through this whole ordeal getting them that took over a week. Eventually, I got “a” sleeping pill, Zolpidem, and I’ve been taking them for four days now. The first day, I didn’t even feel myself going to sleep. In fact, I thought they weren’t working since I didn’t feel tired. However, all of a sudden, it was the next day. Second day, they didn’t work at all. I didn’t get tired, or sleepy, or groggy; it was as if I hadn’t taken them at all. I didn’t sleep enough as a result. The third day was much like the first: I didn’t feel sleepy but at some point, I knocked out. The fourth day, today, well, I’m writing this at 10:25pm because I can’t sleep. I felt a bit tired at first but then, all of a sudden that wore off and here I am.

I’m currently writing this and listening to an ASMR video hoping the video combined with this light writing will get me tired. I really wish I could see a specialist. I’ve tried over-the-counter sleeping pills in the past and they didn’t work. I’ve also tried Melatonin since I wanted a more natural approach and they put me to sleep. However, I wasn’t sleeping the whole night or was waking up groggy and tired. I don’t really know what to do other than keep taking this pill each night and hoping for the best until the supply runs out. I will say that I don’t like have such a strict schedule. I need to take the pill at the same time each night. I want to fall asleep by 10pm so I take it at 9:15pm. It’s supposed to be 20-30 before you want to go to sleep but I gave it a bit more time just to be safe. So much for that.


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