The Influx of Information

In this world of content information and frequent updates, it’s hard not to get caught up in it. That is to say it’s hard not to be influenced by information at a constant rate. This has both good and bad repercussions. For example, it’s impossible not to learn something everyday. We are constantly learning from news that’s posted everywhere online, from Facebook and Twitter to RSS feeds and the websites we visit regularly. It’s impossible to be kept in the dark about anything, at least for very long. However, this also means that we can never be wrong.

Why is this a bad thing, you might ask? We strive to be correct in all our endeavors. We don’t want to do things the wrong way; we want to do things the right way. However, the best way to know what is right is to know what’s wrong. This isn’t allowed anymore. Even as I was typing this, I wrote ‘repercussions’ wrong. Spell check immediately marked it as incorrect and I immediately stopped what I was typing and corrected it. In my mind, I was thinking “rePROcussions” instead of “rePERcussions”. That last line has those two words marked as incorrect because it’s wrong. But I want it wrong on purpose.

See, sometimes we actually do want to do things the wrong way. Reason being is that it’s the right way in another context. Being wrong isn’t allowed because the right way has supposedly already been found out due to the influx of information. However, this doesn’t allow for learning from personal experience. Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes isn’t the way anymore. You learn from accounts of others. This is why this stream of information doesn’t do well with context. No one is having the exact same experience you are. Could be similar, could be exactly the same situation. But they aren’t you. You, the individual, make this different, no matter what the circumstances. Your perception, your feelings, your humanity change a banal happenstance into your personal experience no information can predict.

You can’t be left in the dark anymore. There’s always more to learn. Why wouldn’t you want to know everything about everything? I love music. Rock, Pop, old, new, Eminem, The Rolling Stones. Not 10 years ago, when I wanted to listen to something, I would pick a CD off the shelf, put it in my stereo and listen to it. Maybe I would look at the artwork, the pictures, lyrics or liner notes inside. That was it. That was all. Nowadays, all of my CDs are gone, I have a FLAC only policy, and I’m constantly trying to organize my library with information like Record Label, Quality, Lyrics and more on MediaMonkey.

And why wouldn’t I? I love my music and want to learn more about the songs and albums I like. However, there’s rarely a time I can just enjoy the music. Even when I try to, I think about all the organization I still need to do. And there’s still more information I can find. It’s out there. I can learn it. I can keep track of it, organize it, and have record of it. There’s no way I can not know about it. I can’t be left in the dark anymore. If you’re a fan of anything, you can always know more. This means if you’re a fan of anything, you can always want more, expect more, and, most importantly, find more.

Personally, I’m not overwhelmed by this. I can find ways to just enjoy myself and take things on as they come. But I can be and I have been. I routinely take breaks from social media so I can be in a bubble, guarded from the influx for a day. However, it’s always there, way back in the dark corners of my mind. Even when I’m taking a break, I know I’ll return to it. I need to be informed. It’s hard to live in the moment. It’s hard not to have some kind of schedule or routine. Even now, as I end this blog post, I’m thinking about what picture I can use to put on the top to best describe this post. What tags I could use to make it easily searchable. The categories I’ll put it in on my blog, the various social networks I’ll share it to. I want people to see this, to read it. To take it just a bit more information, this time that I have to provide. People can’t be left in the dark anymore.


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