Nothing is Black, Nothing is White

Here’s something I was thinking about right now.

There is no such thing as absolute right or wrong. Nothing in this world is black or white. Everything has some modicum of good and bad in it, whether it’s present at that very moment or it appears later on. Even the greatest of deeds has a downside and the most heinous actions still resulting in something positive. There are no solutions, only theories. Everything is gray.

For example, the recent story about Ahmed Mohamed, a teenager who built a clock out of a pencil case by himself for school and was arrested when his teacher and authorities mistook it for a bomb. For all intents and purposes, this is a horrible thing to have happened. The teacher had no reason to suspect his clock was a bomb and the assumption was seemingly based on racial profiling. What’s worse is after it was discovered that it wasn’t a bomb, he was still seen to be at fault and was detained for creating a bomb hoax.

However, after all of this has happened, he’s received invitations to the White House, Facebook headquarters, and has received so much support for his goals to create, go to MIT, and become an engineer. What’s more is this story has kept the issue of racism in our country in our minds. We as a society freak out about the latest atrocity but then move on in a few weeks’ time. However, with the multiple police shootings of minorities, attacks on churches frequently attended by black people, the fight for the Confederate flag and the morals it stands for, and the numerous other varied ways institutionalize racism has been making headlines, it has kept the issue in all of our minds. It refuses to go away and we can’t forget it anymore. People who suffer these injustices are speaking out now more than ever because they know they will be heard. It’s a subject that people will listen to. And this story further strengthens the message.

There truly is a silver lining to this story, as with most terrible stories. I think it’s important to remember that as nothing has just a downside or a upside. Even when you think you’re right about something, there’s something wrong about it. When you feel like shit, there’s still something to make you feel better. Even if you can find it, it’s there. I think that’s why it’s possible to be overly positive or overly negative. Technically, there’s always something awesome and always something terrible. Neither is wrong or right yet both are. So it’s simply a matter of choosing of which you want to be, even when you technically can’t just choose either. The only real choice is which shade of gray you want to see most of the time.



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