Discovering ASMR Videos

keep-calm-and-asmrI’ve been looking for ways to relax myself as of late as I’ve been stressed out from taking on more than I could handle. I found YouTube videos on what’s called ASMR. I’m not entirely sure how I came upon them. Part of me thinks I heard them mentioned while watching a Halefail Q&A video and another part of me thought I heard it slightly before that. Either way, I’ve just known about this for about two to three weeks now. ASMR videos are videos that feature someone making various noises quietly, either with their hands, with various objects, and/or by talking softly or whispering, in order to relax the viewer. Usually this results at some point with getting chills down the back of your neck or elsewhere. Visual stimulators are also used to enhance the audio and sometimes, videos will have people roleplay as stylists, hairdressers or doctors.

These videos have been really helpful in relaxing me. I’m watching/listening to them all the time! In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m listening to one now. I find it really soothing and as someone who has been stressed out for awhile, I’m surprised to how well it works. A lot of these videos have people talking very quietly and calmly and that attitude is infectious. Eventually, I’m calm, cool and collected. More importantly, once I’m done I can immediately become active but be more rested and clear minded.

I should tell you that there’s various kinds of ASMR videos as different people will respond to different sounds and stimuli. For example, I’ve found that I like the sound of hair moving. Therefore, I tend to look for videos that have hair or scalp massages. I’ve also found that any noises coming from electronic devices have the opposite effect. I don’t find them relaxing at all. I also like the situation of having an examination. This is actually one of my favorite videos, as well as one of my favorite ASMR artist on YouTube:

For my fellow nerds out there, there is gaming ASMR. Someone will play a game quietly and will accentuate the clicking of the mouse or the sound of the keyboard keys or the button presses on a controller. There are also a lot of videos that are of people opening packs of cards from trading card games. They’ll quietly tear open the plastic packaging, and look at the cards, occasionally running their fingernails across the cards and tapping them so you can hear how the cardboard sounds. Here’s one I like from this style of ASMR.

To sum up, I just wanted to share this new thing that I’ve discovered as well as my brief thoughts on it. I’m still trying to learn more about it but for now, I just enjoy how it relaxes me. It even sometimes puts me to sleep, though right now it’s inconsistent. I have trouble sleeping too so I wish it would help me with that as well but jury is still out concerning that. Everyone is going to have different preferences when it comes to what relaxes them so if you are interested, keep looking until you find sounds and/or situations that you find relaxing. Peace and love, brothers and sisters! Colorwind out.


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