Colorwind Reacts: The State of Konami


Konami, what the hell is going on with you?

Konami has been in the gaming news a lot recently and not for the best reasons. First, it was for the all but confirmed departure of Hideo Kojima and now it’s for the cancellation of Silent Hills. Now, I’m not a Metal Gear fan nor am I a Silent Hill fan but I am interested in Konami. Specifically what the hell Konami thinks it’s doing. I’ve been anti-Konami for awhile now since they started releasing terrible games. The only game that they have published in recent memory that I can think of and have enjoyed is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. That game was not made in-house but by Platinum Games though. Most of my thoughts on Konami have been me wondering how the company is still in business.

It was only recently that I learned that Konami is involved in other businesses in Japan. Gyms, pachinko machines, and trading cards, among other things. Because of that, I can see why Konami isn’t going to go out of business anytime soon, even with the recent announcements. That being said, that doesn’t mean the video games division of Konami is doing well. In fact, I would say there’s no way that it turns a profit for them. That division must be a loss for the company every year. Therefore, now I wonder why the company is keeping their games division open.

It seems I might not need to wonder anymore soon. Konami has now taken themselves off of the New York Stock Exchange. They still remain on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which makes sense, but also on the London Stock Exchange, which I wonder if that will change as well. Those closer to the business side of the video games industry that voluntarily removing yourself from the Stock Exchange is usually a tactic used when restructuring a company and the fact that they have only removed themselves from one Stock Exchange supports this. However, the sheer lack of games from Konami makes me skeptical.

Konami doesn’t have that many games coming out soon and they just cancelled one. What’s more is the company doesn’t have any big developers on their team anymore. In fact, a quick look on Wikipedia says that the only game they have coming out this year is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It looks like to me that Konami is finally going to get out of the video games industry. I know they said in press statements that they will be moving forward with new iterations in the Metal Gear and Silent Hill franchises but one, who is going to make these games with almost all their talent gone, and two, I don’t believe them.

This worries me for one reason. If Konami were going out of business, that would mean they would sell off their IPs and we would see games like Castlevania, Contra, and Metal Gear from other publishers. Since they’re not, does that mean that all those franchises would just die as Konami would just not do anything with them? I hope not as I do like their franchises even though the company doesn’t know what to do with them anymore. I think the main problem I have with this idea, even though it is what I think is happening, is I don’t know what the aftermath is going to be. It’s not quite like other game companies being closed so what will happen is unknown. The only thing for sure is that Konami as a games developer won’t be the same with Kojima gone, and it’s restructuring in place.

What do you think? Do you think Konami is doomed? Do you think they’ll keep making games? Is all of this being blown out of proportion? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Peace and Love, gamers and players. Colorwind out.


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