Consumer Counselor: Fighting Games

Hey! Chet Hypeman here! Have you heard about the new hotness? The latest big fighting game Mortal Kombat X is out and it’s just the bee’s knees! You better get your ass to the nearest Electronics Boutique and pick yourself up a copy before you get left in the dust by all your friends! Wait, what’s that? You don’t know how to play fighting games? You stupid bastard! How can you not know how to play fighting games? Thank goodness Colorwind, the Consumer Counselor, is here to help you get started! Now sit down, shut your ugly face, and have a lollipop. Here are a few games that will help teach you how to play fighting games.

soulc2hdo_610SoulCalibur II HD Online

Any version of SoulCalibur II will do but SoulCalibur II HD Online is the easiest version to get. SoulCalibur II is not the best game in the franchise but it is the most accessible. It’s very easy to just mash buttons and be able to cool moves and even win matches. However, there’s still a lot of skill involved in this game, even though the game lacks a lot of complicated directional inputs. The cast is diverse so it’ll be easy to find a character that appeals to you and that you can understand. The online mode that is touted in the name is unfortunately awful but playing offline is great. This is a great game to start off with if you’re not versed well in fighting games. The only thing this game is missing is a proper tutorial mode. So pick this game up, and jump in and start watching some tutorial videos on YouTube. You’re actually going to have to look up videos for all these games, unfortunately.

super_street_fighter_ii_turbo_hd_remix_profilelargeSuper Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Of course I need to include a game from the granddaddy of the genre! I picked this version of Street Fighter II because, again, it’s the easiest version to get. Street Fighter is the standard for the genre and although it’s not everyone’s favorite fighting game franchise, it’s the one nearly all fighting games are compared to. Since it’s one of the earlier fighting games, it may not be the most complex games but it certainly has a lot of depth. This is a good game to ease you into more complex fighting games, as well as 2D fighters (which is the dominant style), since even though there’s a lot of depth in this game, there aren’t a lot of mechanics to learn, unlike more recent games. One really great aspect in this game is the super combo meter in this game, which is extremely simple and a great means of introducing you to the concept. Pick this game up and get learned by a classic.

mortal_kombat_360Mortal Kombat (9)

Since Mortal Kombat X is the new hotness, I think the previous game in the series is a good fit. The early games feature tough AI for those who don’t know about exploits so the comparable simple mechanics of Mortal Kombat 9 along with the easier AI makes it the best entry in the series for beginners. Mortal Kombat’s style is a bit more stiff than other games and this iteration of the game is heavy on juggling so this may be a bit tough to get into for a beginner. However, unlike a lot of other fighters, style is typically just as important as substance in Mortal Kombat and it helps make the game a lot of fun, even when losing. This visual appeal will keep you playing as you learn the basics thanks to the in game tutorial as well as the fatality tutorial that will help give you that extra visual flair whenever you need it. The game is also similar to Street Fighter II enough that you’ll hopefully get the hang of it soon. This is also the game I would suggest playing online. The net code is adequate and you’ll learn how to play online this way. Make sure to buy the Komplete Edition, which will run you $20 nowadays.

There you go! I hope you learned a thing or two from the Consumer Counselor Colorwind! You better have been paying attention, you idiot. Now go and learn to play fighting games. Or if you think you know something Colorwind doesn’t, tell us in the comment section. You think there’s a game that should be here that is a better choice? Remember that the game should be on a recent console because no one’s going to buy another console just to learn a genre. Stupid. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players. Colorwind out and Chet Hypeman signing off.


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