The DMC Diaries–Part 5

DMC Diaries 5

Another session of playing Devil May Cry! Lets talk about my experiences playing missions 7-9.

As soon as I start up the 7th mission, my life starts depleting. Man, Devil May Cry likes to throw time limits at you. It doesn’t help that arbitrary time limits are a pet peeve of mine in video games. But anyways, I start running back to the bedroom, which is what the guide says I need to go, but then that spider boss shows up again. So I try to go through the door but the camera keeps switching between angles so I get hit once before I get through the door. I keep running, defeating enemies along the way, take the elevator up near the bedroom entrance and get to where I need to go. Before finishing the level, I go back to where I fought that armored gargoyle dude and find a blue orb fragment. I screw up once and have to go back and battle some enemies to get my devil trigger gauge up but I get it the second time. With that done, I finish the level.

Next mission starts in a weird shine like room and I collect some red orbs before exiting. I eventually run into the spider boss again but this time, I need to fight him. He’s a lot easier now since there’s more room to move around and I just shock the hell out of him. When he dies, the game goes to a cutscene and it looks AWFUL! It’s a little fuzzy, it’s very clearly blown up from 480p, and it looks like no work was done to at least clean it up. Also, Trish shows up for a bit. Where has she been this whole time? Oh well. I move on, spending some time trying to get some hidden red orbs and a blue orb fragment but then use the trident I find to open a gate to the next mission, picking up a grenade gun along the way. I have to try three times before getting it as the game does not direct you where to go but I do it. I grab another blue orb fragment before ending the mission.

The 9th mission is my last for the session and it’s a long one! I start off on a drawbridge and wind up in some ruins. Again, I spend some time here trying to get some hidden red orbs and grab a hidden item here as well. I think it was a health pick-up. I leave the ruins and run into a group of new lizard-like enemies with shields. They aren’t too much of a problem thanks to my new grenade gun. After that, I search the area for a yellow orb, green orb, holy water, several red orbs, and a hidden blue orb fragment that makes a full blue orb that extends my life bar. I go to where these blue flames direct me to and I’m in this room with moving platforms that lead to a new weapon. I grab a couple of items in this room and start making my way up the list. I’ll admit that I don’t have any trouble jumping from platform to platform but jumping in this game feels bad. There should not be any platforming in this game at all. I had to take my time jumping each time. It just doesn’t feel right.

Anyways, I get my new weapon, the Ifrit Gauntlets, and go back to the last room, taking out some enemies along the way. Then this giant bird swoops down and I’ve got a boss fight on my hands. It’s actually pretty easy as I just shoot him with my handguns, which do a good amount of damage to him, and shock up when I get the chance. However, towards the end of the fight, he gets lucky and lands on me, doing a ton of damage. I still have a little bit of health left, as does he. So I shoot him until he dies, but then I die too! My victory is stolen from me. I use a yellow orb but I’m in the previous room which is now swarming with the lizard enemies. I do my best defeating them but they don’t want to go down and eventually they kill me too. So now I’m already getting frustrated and reset the game, loading up my save so I’m at the beginning of the mission again.

Before starting the mission, I buy a blue and purple orb so I can have more health and a longer devil trigger bar. I go through the mission, all the way to the bird boss, and this time beat him while staying alive. I open the door to the next area using my gauntlets and enter. I’m now in a foggy forest and have to fight more enemies, including a new kind of enemy. However, they’re not a problem and I eventually clear the area. I enter the next door and use the upgrade statue to get a couple of new abilities for my gauntlets. One gives me a launching uppercut and the other lets me shoot fireballs. I go into the next room and I engage a bunch of the new enemies in a fight. I notice during this fight that I’m really enjoying punching and kicking these guys with my gauntlets. These things are powerful and the sound effects feel impactful. It’s satisfying to hear. As a matter of fact, for probably the first time in this game, I feel powerful and I’m having a genuine good time as oppose to having a bad or tolerable time. After the fight is over, I use red orbs to unlock the door to end the mission.

Alright! Thanks for reading the latest edition of The DMC Diaries. I do think my opinion of Devil May Cry is changing for the better. I still don’t think it’s an amazing game but I am liking it more. However, I wonder if it’s because I know what’s going to happen, both from playing it before and using a guide. Be sure to check back for the next entry in The DMC Diaries. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


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