My Gaming Landscape [March 26th, 2015]


This month was my birthday month and since I got money almost two weeks before my birthday, I bought a bunch of games and ate out pretty much all month so I’ve just been relaxing and playing a bunch of games without focusing on many. However, there are six games that I’ve been fixated on for the most part. The first one is Devil May Cry, which you can read about in my feature, The DMC Diaries. As for the other five games, they comprise this latest edition of My Gaming Landscape.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

When I look back at the original Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation 2, it’s a good memory. It’s one of the first RPGs I ever finished and as a fan of Disney, I enjoyed seeing these characters in a different situation. When I play the HD remix version, I look at it in disappointment. Graphically, it looks pretty good, aside from a few blurry textures. However, the lip sync is bad. I probably would have preferred just speech bubbles with no lip movement. However, the real problem is the gameplay itself. The swordplay (Keyblade play?) is not good. Sora swings his Keyblade so slowly and all his attacks have so much recovery if they miss. The camera sucks so badly and it never wants you to see what’s going on in a battle. The adventure itself feels a bit smaller than I remember and some areas, like Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas, just feels under utilized. I’m currently at Hollow Bastion and I’m not sure when I’ll play it again but it’ll probably be soon since I know I’m near the end of the game. Oh, and I don’t have any plans to play Chain of Memories because making a card game out of an action RPG is a stupid idea. That’s why they never did that with Kingdom Hearts again.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

I previously had this game and got rid of it because I couldn’t get very far. However, I decided I wanted to give it another shot and HOLY HELL THIS GAME IS STRESSFUL! I’m always so tense and focused when I play this game because enemies can kill you with little to no effort if you’re not. So far, I think it’s alright, but I’m not in love with it. It feels like a game that was more focused on being challenging than being enjoyable. I’ve completed the first three levels only so I haven’t gotten far but I’m going to tackle this game one level at a time, if only to give my nerves a rest. There probably isn’t another game that I tried out these past few weeks that’s this hard…

Hotline Miami

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? WHY WOULD YOU MAKE A GAME THIS GODDAMN HARD!? I have this game on the PlayStation 3 because of PlayStation Plus and I’ve never touched it so I thought I’d give it a shot since the sequel just came out. This is probably the most stressful game I’ve ever played. Your every move is crucial and the slightest mistake means death. I managed to get to the seventh level before I stopped because my body was all tight and tense and stressed the fuck out. On my birthday (March 21st), I showed the game to my friend Don, who promptly decided he would beat the game that day. He did it and I watched him do it so I don’t know if I’ll play it ever again because I’d rather my blood pressure stay at a stable and healthy level. I do like the graphical style though. I definitely get the appeal.

South Park

I was watching Colin Moriarty play through the Mega Man series on Twitch via my main TV, downloading something on my computer, and wanted to play something as the stream played in the background. So I turn on my old CRT TV and decided on South Park on the Nintendo 64. I have never gotten far in that game because I mostly played it with friends in multiplayer. I got all the way to level 3-2, further than I ever got before, and I was actually having fun. It’s completely mindless, as you’re mostly just spamming snowballs at enemies. However, it scratches that itch that lets me zone out while not being focused at the same time. When I got to level 3-1, I got stuck in this big ass pit where you have to platform up these ledges to get out and platforming in this game is terrible. There shouldn’t have even been a jump button. I died in level 3-2, the first time that happened in a normal level (I died once on level 2-3) and just decided to stop there. I’ll probably come back to it one day but for now, I’m good.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Mortal Kombat X has been on my mind and after watching Maximilian’s stream of Mortal Kombat games, I decided to pop in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. I made a character, Colorwind, and gave him the backstory of being the previous protector of Edenia. Previously the God of Storms, his powers and title were stripped from him when Edenia was invaded by Shao Kahn. His powers given to Raiden and Fujin, he was disgraced and disappeared. When the pyramid showed up with the promise of ultimate power, Colorwind resurfaced, determined to gain the power in order to gain favor with the Elder Gods again and retake his powers from Raiden and Fujin. Cool, huh? Anyways, I started the Konquest mode, expecting only to play for an hour or two but eventually played through it in one night! The Konquest mode is not very long, or very good for that matter. Nevertheless, I still kind of enjoyed it, even if the story was only meh. A lot of people think of this game as kind of a greatest hits of Mortal Kombat, but it’s more of a box set of Mortal Kombat, with everything, good and bad, about Mortal Kombat included. As such, it’s really only for fans of the series and no one else.

And there you have it! My Gaming Landscape for the last three weeks or so. What games have you been playing? Tell me in the comment section. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I put up lets play videos. They have been slow these past few weeks but I’m almost done with Mega Man X2 and I’m going to pick up one of the other series I started before after I’m done with that. Also, I’m going to start doing a lot more one off videos and stream more on Twitch, with the recordings going up on YouTube. This and more posts will be on the way. I write about more than just video games on my WordPress blog so be sure to follow me to get it all. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


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