The DMC Diaries–Part 4

DMC Diaries 4

This is the first DMC diary of me playing the HD Collection so here’s a couple quick observations while I played through the first three missions again. First off, I’m playing the 360 version and it really sucks that I can map Lock On to the right trigger. It’s a bummer in general that I can’t remap the buttons at all. Second, in terms of a HD remaster, Dante himself and a lot of the characters and enemies look pretty good. The textures aren’t the most detailed but they look good in HD. The environments, on the other hand, look absolutely awful! The textures are all blurry and it doesn’t even look like anyone making this collection bothered to do anything with them. Alright, with that being said, lets take a look at Missions 4 through 6, which was my next play session.

So almost right away, I’m being chased by the spider boss from the last mission down the hallway from mission 2. I jump to avoid the fire blasts he’s shooting at me, being hit only once and go through a door to the right. I’m in parts of the game I’ve already been to and I look around a little bit before quickly coming to the conclusion that I went the wrong way. So I reload my save and see that there’s a door to my immediate left when the spider boss attacks so I go there instead. I’m in a courtyard that I’ve been to already but there’s a blue force field that I can interact with. I do this, destroy the statue behind the force field and fight this shadow tiger thing. It’s kind of tough but I’m able to destroy it pretty easily with my shotgun and newly acquired air lightning strikes, which is the upgrade I got before I started the level.

Proceeding on and following the guide, I go through a couple of doors, activate a lift, defeat a few enemies, find some red orbs, and use a display sword to obtain an item called the “Melancholy Soul”. My reflection in a nearby mirror then comes through the mirror and transforms into what looks like a gargoyle wearing middle ages style armor and jumps out of a nearby patio door. I go after him and fight him with little ease, thanks again to my lightning attack. If anything, the fact that he kept running away was annoying. I defeat him but then a cutscene plays where Dante then immediately gets his ass kicked by this guy. I then realized something. Remember a few parts back when I said Dante looks more badass in the cutscenes than he does in the actual game? Scratch that because in the cutscenes now he’s always getting his ass kicked. Trish, this gargoyle guy, that painting where you get a new sword. Dante’s always either getting beaten up or impaled! So Dante is never a badass in this game. Why do people think he is? There’s no proof of that in this game so far!

So anyways, the mission ends and I proceed to the next, buying a blue orb along the way. Another shadow tiger jumps down and attacks me and a time limit shows up. I try what I did last time, shotgun blasts and lightning attack, but it doesn’t want to die. Eventually, it kills me and I have to do the whole process of using a yellow orb, resetting and loading up my save. I try using my sword this time and that gets me killed in about five seconds. Well, fuck! I reload my save again and try again, using the first method but I die again. What the hell is up with this guy? The first one was pretty easy!

I look up the boss in the guide and it tells me to use the Stinger attack. I try this strategy, using Devil Trigger only really to heal, and it looks like it’s going to work when he grabs me and starts doing something to me when my TV goes black! What just happened? I’m freaking out and my TV displays a message saying my display is not supported. I frantically press buttons before checking the HDMI plug and finally getting my picture back. My game is paused. When I unpause it, the shadow tiger is gone. So I guess I won? I hurry back to the door they showed at the beginning of the mission and make it with about a minute to spare. The mission ends and I remember that some of the missions in the game are really short. That can be annoying since it breaks up the pace of the action.

I start up the sixth mission and get a blue orb fragment, thanks to the guide. I have enough to make a blue orb so my health bar grows a bit. I go through the level, finding a red orb dispenser thing, a key, and killing a bunch of bugs in two areas. I notice again that even though my move set is really limited, there is something fun about the combat. I think it might be how visceral Dante’s attacks sound. When I shoot my shotgun, it sounds powerful. When I strike an enemy with my sword, there’s a whooshing yet cracking sound that feels satisfying. I guess the sound design to this game is pretty good.

I use the key to get to the next room and I’m trapped by this floating bull skull with huge hedge clippers. I shoot him with my shotgun and use my lightning attack but he keeps floating up to the ceiling, where the camera refuses to pan to. I can’t see him attacking me with his drill attack and he eventually kills me. I reload my save and this time try to use my sword more. It works and I’m able to defeat him with relative ease. I get an item at the end of the area and the mission ends. I remember having a really hard time defeating him the first time I played this game and yet this time, I only died once against him. I’m starting to notice that in addition to having a limited move set, my fighting strategies are limited as well. Three times now have I faced enemies that if I don’t know exactly how to fight them, I get killed pretty quickly. There’s no real space for experimentation or alternate strategies.

Alright, there’s my latest experiences with Devil May Cry. Do you think Dante is a badass? If so, what proof in the first game shows that? What do you think of the three bosses I faced, the gargoyle guy, shadow tiger (yes I’m counting him) and the bull with hedge clippers? Let me know in the comment section. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


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