The DMC Diaries–Part 3

DMC Diaries 3

Mission 3! Lets go!

The next mission seals me in a room with a pedestal so I walk towards it. It tells me to pass a trial and then immediately unseals a door in the room. Okay so what was the point in sealing the door if it was going to be unsealed literally ten seconds later? I go through the door and cross a bridge to an epitaph that tells me to go back to get the item on the pedestal. Again, what the hell was the point of me walking over here if you’re just going to send me back? I start to cross the bridge but about halfway I’m struck by lightning and dropped into the water below. Here I face off against some new enemies with little difficulty and then warp back to the surface.

The bridge is now in pieces and I jump from piece to piece to go back to the epitaph which now has a blue orb fragment because this mission doesn’t have enough busy work in it, and make my way back, falling once so I have to fight the enemies again. Couldn’t I have just gotten a cutscene where Dante walks to the pedestal, reads the inscription and then I just need to walk through the door? Then as I’m crossing the bridge for the first time, the lightning strikes and I do the fight without having to walk back and forth? Then just cross the bridge pieces if I want to get the blue orb fragment? What’s with all this extra bullshit?

So I walk back and get the book or whatever and this huge lava scorpion thing busts into the room and attacks me. Alright! Boss fight! Lets do this! I start off literally right behind him so I slash at him and nothing happens. I shoot at him and no damage. He starts summoning pillars of lava from the floor and I get hit by one. He takes a swipe at me and it hits me also. I back up and shoot at him with my pistols but it does nothing. He then shoots a big ass energy blast at me and kills me. Well, shit. Three hits and I’m dead? Geez.

I go through the whole load game nonsense, redo the trial, get the blue orb fragment and get back to the boss. This time I try using my Devil Trigger ability and I’m able to get a few hits in with my pistols but I die. Go through everything again and this time I play aggressive and I’m able to get some decent damage with my shotgun but I die pretty quickly. I read in my guide that his backside is his weakness. So I get around him and try slashing at his butt and tail and my attacks are just ricocheting off. I die again. Take 5. This time I figure out that backside means his back. Could’ve just said back instead of- you know what? That’s the guide’s fault, not the game, so lets move on.

I try attacking from the side to hit his back but it doesn’t work so I go back to the shotgun approach but the camera starts switch to weird angles and I get killed from an energy blast I can’t see coming. I use a gold orb this time because I just want to figure out a strategy before I legitimately beat him. This time I just start jumping over him and slashing down on his back and it works. I activate Devil Trigger when I have it and I beat him! I restart the mission, go through the whole process again, and this time try to beat the boss with my new strategy. However, again, the camera starts getting stupid and I die with only one hit left to go on the boss. So I restart the mission one last time, my ninth if my math is correct, and go through the whole mission and defeat the boss. FINALLY!

Why is the first boss in this game so hard!? There’s literally no time to figure out what to do or what to avoid. It doesn’t help that Dante is so weak so mistakes are essentially not allowed. This game can actually take a lot of pointers from another Capcom game, Mega Man X. X has a lot of health which allows you to make mistakes and then learn from them. Boss fights can be challenging but because you start the fight far away from them, you have time to react to their attacks and figure out what they can do and what you can do to avoid or counter them. In Devil May Cry, it’s just “Hey! Fight this thing! You don’t know what to do? Well, FUCK YOU, YOU’RE DEAD!” The worst part is the way to defeat it is just jump and slash down over and over. That’s not fun. I’m not getting a combo from this and it feel more like an exploit than an actual strategy.

After the fight, I know from the guide that if I go back to where the trial is, I can attempt a secret mission. I try to do it two times and just give up. I don’t have the patience to do what it wants, which is to kill an enemy in one hit, so I finish the mission and conclude my session with the game.

From this point on, I’ll be playing the game from the HD Collection. I need to play up to the point I left off but that probably won’t be a problem. I’m not that far into the game. I’ll update anything I notice in the HD collection that I have different feelings on compared to the emulated version but the next DMC Diary will be mostly the next mission. Leave me a comment below and tell me if you had trouble with the first boss like I did. I am to understand that I am not alone in this assumption. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


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