The DMC Diaries–Part 2

DMC Diaries 2

Lets continue my trek through the first Devil May Cry game with the second mission in the game.

The next mission screen shows up and I go to the power up menu. I don’t have enough to buy anything though so I immediately leave. Wouldn’t have been better to let the player be able to buy something all the time but not enough to buy everything in one playthrough so that the player still feels like they’re progressing? Anyways, I progress into the next level, get the blue orb fragment and red orbs in the room near the mission entrance and come back out into the hall. I’m attacked by more enemies and I fight them. However, they keep coming and coming and I realize I’m running out of ideas as to how to attack them. I really only have four attacks: the normal combo, the stabbing combo, the high rise attack, and my guns. For a game that rates you on using different types of attacks, there sure aren’t a lot of attacks you can use.

A few of the enemies get lucky shots in and I die. I’m told I’m dead and told to try again at the expense of one of my gold orbs. Yet another thing that bugs me about this game. There’s no option to not use a gold orb and just go back to one of my saves. Gold orbs are kind of like extra lives in the game and you’ll start at a checkpoint. However, unlike extra lives that replenish after using a continue, these don’t. So you could use up all your gold orbs at the beginning of the game and just not have any at the end of the game unless you find or buy more.

So if I don’t want to use one and instead just load from a save point, I have to use an orb, start the level from the checkpoint, go into the menu, reset the game, select Load Game from the main menu and load my progress. WHAT THE FUCK? Why is it so arduous just to do this? Remember when I brought up the control layout and said it was ultimately a small point? It was necessary for me to point it out because the game is littered with little inconveniences that could have been really easy to fix. The gold orbs would be better used as a means to instantly revive you if you die in battle, sort of like a fairy in The Legend of Zelda.

Anyways, after I go through that whole rigmarole to start the mission over (I saved after mission 1 thankfully), I get the orbs again and fight through the hallway of enemies, defeating all of them this time. I then proceed through the mission like normal, fighting more enemies and collecting new weapons along the way. I notice I’m still having fun with the combat but I am aware of how limiting it is. Again, I still have only the four moves, though I do find another sword combo but I don’t know how I’m doing it. Dante swings the sword around in almost like a figure 8 style. Anyways, I finish the mission and proceed to the next and final one for this session.

The next part will be the end of my first session playing the game and the last part of the game I will play on the PCSX2 emulator. I got the HD Collection on the Xbox 360 and will be playing the game there from that point on. Let me know in the comments what you think of my impressions of the second mission of the game and be sure to check back for the next part soon. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


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