The DMC Diaries–Part 1

DMC Diaries 1

As the name implies I will be playing the first Devil May Cry and giving my immediate thoughts as I play. Going in, I am not a fan of the series (as explained in my introduction post) but I am willing to look at the game in a new way. I am prepared to focus less on what it does wrong and more on what it does right. That being said, I won’t shy away from addressing the problems I have with the game as I encounter them. The first and second part of the DMC Diaries are going to be based on me playing the original PS2 game via the PCSX2 emulator. However, I recently repurchased the HD Collection so part 3 will be based on that. Also, since I have played this game all the way through before, I am going to try and get the most I can out of the game. Therefore, I will be using a guide. I will be going into a lot of details in this post so for those who haven’t played Devil May Cry, this will be full of spoilers. This is mostly for those who have played the game and want to see the reaction of someone who doesn’t like the series try to change their minds on it. So…SPOILERS!

Alright, now lets get to the game. I loaded up the game, watch the opening cutscene and use the opening area to tweak the emulator for the best visuals. I also follow the guide and pick up a blue orb fragment and yellow orb. I enter the castle and I’m sealed inside and I’m now collecting orbs in order to open a door. First thing that comes to mind is why would you start an action game collecting orbs? The main hall of the castle is definitely a nice sight and I’m sure a lot a players would want to have a look around but why make it mandatory with a collectathon?

It’s also around this time I become more aware of the controls, specifically the button layout. Why is triangle the jump button? Why is the sword mapped to circle? Why do square and cross do the exact same thing? I know this is something of a minor point but in action games, the jump button is always the main button (cross) and the attack button is to the left of it (square). Even back in the NES days it was like this (A and B respectively) and it throws a lot of gamers off when you don’t do this. Hell, I could have fixed this myself if the game had a proper button configuration option in the Options menu. They must have known this was dumb because in the HD Collection, this has been fixed.

Anyways, I get the red orbs, as well as another blue orb fragment and open the door. In the next room, I get some more red orbs, get another blue orb fragment, etcetera, etcetera, I’m following the guide, getting red and blue orbs as I go. I get to the room with the spiral staircase and my controls start getting wacky due to the camera angle changes and I start wishing that was one aspect from the game’s Resident Evil roots that hadn’t stuck around. Static camera angles don’t work with action games. I don’t care how fancy you want your game to look.

I get the key from the puppet and it attacks me along with another. I’m slashing away at the enemies and I even manage to get an Absolute rating. I backtrack to the blue door in the main hall (which I only knew is where I needed to go because of the guide) and unlock it. More sealed doors, a blue orb fragment, and red orbs and I make my way to the underground arena and fight more enemies. I’m having a good time shooting and slicing enemies. One of them shoots me with a shotgun and I take them out afterward. However, after I’m done with all the enemies, I realize that one shot took off almost half of my health! What the hell? Why did it do so much? In the opening cutscene, Dante is electrocuted, roundhouse kicked, and impaled with his own sword and he eventually gets up as if it were nothing. In game, I get shot with a shotgun and it halfway kills me?

I’m then reminded of one of my biggest problems with the game. The Dante in the game’s cutscenes is much more badass and powerful than the Dante you actually play with in game. Anytime an enemy hits you, it does so much damage. You might as well not have that long life bar that you have. Anyways, I get a green orb after defeating all the enemies and refill my health. I head up back to the previous room, deal with the enemies in there and finish the first mission. I get my results and I have to wonder why the game is timing me, especially when it has a section right in the beginning of the game where I’m supposed to take my time and explore.

Alright, so there are my thoughts on the first level of Devil May Cry. My first play sessions was actually the first three missions so part 2 will be coming soon. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about my criticisms and impressions of the first level. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


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