The DMC Diaries–Introduction

DMC Diaries Intro

I don’t like Devil May Cry. I’ve said so in the past and I stand by it now. However it wasn’t always like that and it may not be like that in the future. I recently wrote about how I have a new found respect for the first Resident Evil game and the series as a whole in light of the HD remaster of the remake and I’m now going to see if I can have the same revelation with another Capcom game I dislike. What I’m going to do is blog about my thoughts immediately after playing a portion of the game. So ostensibly, I’m going to give my impressions as I play in a sort of journal or diary format. This will be based on the first game being played on the PCSX2 emulator. I used to have the HD Collection but I sold it due to the aforementioned hatred of the series. Perhaps I’ll buy it back though after this is done! Lets get started with the inaugural entry in The DMC Diaries.

First a little history. When the series first came out during the PS2 era, I didn’t play it as it never peaked my interest. However, I finally got the chance when I played Devil May Cry 3. I don’t remember how I got a copy or if I rented it but I remember the third game being the first Devil May Cry game I ever played. I remember thinking it was okay so when a collection of the three Devil May Cry games was released on the PS2, I bought it, getting the first two games in the process. My memory of playing these games is thin but I remember not getting far on any of them, being positively bored with the second game, and the third game being extremely hard.

Flash forward to 2012, I ignored the series for the most part and sold the collection at some point, I don’t really know. I picked up the fourth game for the Xbox 360 used and couldn’t really get into it. So I put it down. At the beginning of 2013, the fifth game in the series, Dmc: Devil May Cry came out and for the game site I was writing for, Gaming Precision, I played through the game and wrote a review. I really, REALLY liked that game and gave it a 4.5 out of 5. I also made a gameplay video for my YouTube channel of it (one of my first). When the Vergil’s Downfall DLC came out, it too got a review (3 out of 5) and a video on my YouTube channel.

I was now interested in Devil May Cry and started playing the fourth game, which I still had on the shelf. It took me a while to get through it but I did finish it. I felt indifferent to it, not really liking it nor thinking it was terrible. I remember not liking having to go through the game twice, though I did like controlling Dante more than Nero. I wrote a review for that game as well, giving it a 3 out of 5. I decided to buy the Devil May Cry HD Collection and give the rest of the series a try. I started with the first game and finished right there. I did manage to get through it but I HATED that game. To quote myself from a Gaming Landscape post I wrote after finishing the game:

The story makes no sense, the combat is so stiff it has rigor mortis, the graphics are ugly from a design perspective, the camera acts like a paranoid squirrel, and Dante, Trish and all of the characters in the game are more like contrived plot points who do things motivated by nothing.

I never got to playing the second game and I started the third game again but couldn’t get past the second level. There’s some boss in ice or something I can’t beat. It’s literally the first boss of the game so there you go. Around this time is when I found out that Dmc: Devil May Cry had sold only one million copies and fans basically didn’t like the game because they didn’t like the changes developer Ninja Theory had made in the game. I sold the HD Collection and only own the fourth game basically because I couldn’t sell it when I tried. I was only charging a dollar too! So I guess you can say that I hate the series due to the first game in the series and the fan base.

Alright, there’s the first entry in The DMC Diaries. In the next entry, I’ll actually start playing the game and let you know my thoughts going in and my approach to playing the game, as well as my impressions of the first part of the game. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


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