Discussing: Walkthrough Temptations


I’ve gotten addicted to Pokémon X again over the weekend and I’m about half way through the game, I think. I just got the Gym Badge in the Lumiose City and I have never beaten the game so you tell me. Anyway, I’ve been trying to stave off the desire to look at a walkthrough or look up stats and evolutions on a particular Pokémon almost the entire way through and it got me thinking why this is. It’s not like I’ve been stuck or anything. In fact, I’ve been finding Pokémon X to be kind of easy. However, I don’t actually know what to do and I know I could know what to do rather easily. I’ve been keeping myself from doing that but why?

I think the reason, for me, is two fold. First off, I can be something of a completionist and as a result, I desire to play games “the right way” or “the most efficient way”. I want to be able to play through the game and achieve everything the game has to offer in one run so I don’t have to play the game again. However, I’ve been trying to stop that since it’s been actively preventing me from enjoying or just finishing some games. So it could be my personal issue to want to do things “right,” though I know I’m not alone. The struggle is real!

The other reason might be just the sheer temptation of easily accessible information. Contrary to popular belief, the internet isn’t just for porn. It’s mostly for information and there’s so much of it on the internet. It can be addicting at time. Which brings me to Pokémon. Why wouldn’t I look up something on a Pokémon or a certain area of the game when it’s just right there on the internet waiting to be seen? Let’s say that I’m in a new area of the game and I don’t know what to do. Why would I explore and look around to figure it out for myself when I can just look it up online and know exactly what to do? The answer is to enjoy the experience on your own but I’m sure a lot of people find going online to be easier if ultimately less rewarding.

So now I want to know what you think on this subject. Do you find it tempting to look up a walkthrough online for a game you’re playing, regardless of whether you need it or not? Why do you think that is? Let me know in the comment section. I’m always curious of other gamers’ idiosyncrasies while playing. Peace and Love, Gamers and Players! Colorwind out.


6 thoughts on “Discussing: Walkthrough Temptations

  1. As soon as the game stops being fun or if I’ve struggled an hour on something I’ll look it up. Sometimes I’ll even discover the game is glitched and I’ve been wasting my time. Other times I will have overlooked the easiest thing. Walkthroughs are just time savers in the long run. I can’t afford the time to invest in a game anymore.

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    1. That’s a good point: time. Some of us don’t have the time to play games as long as the title wants us too. I think it’s different for people who don’t have the time to play games for a long time (like adults) as oppose to those who do (like kids). I remember I used to replay games as a kid all the time because I liked them. However, I didn’t own a lot either. I used to rent a lot instead. Now as an adult, I have the money to get a lot of games (sort of) but not the time. In that instance, maybe that’s where walkthroughs are best for you.


      1. As a kid I loved Pokemon and old school RPGs. As an adult I just can’t invest the time. So if a boss takes an hour, I’ll look at a walkthrough to see what I’m doing wrong. In one case recently it wasn’t what I was doing wrong, but the game was glitched making the boss impossible 🙂 And yeah I’d replay games too. Dragon Warrior 3 over and over again. I’d spend an entire night grinding for the game of chess that it was until I became laughably overpowered and it would be a thrill.

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  2. I always feel like they’d ruin my sense of accomplishment that games can give me, so I don’t use them. But I sometimes wish I did because I will often just shelf a game and never get back to it when a little help may have gotten me by a sticking point and let me finish a game I was enjoying. Or some kind of hint or strategy might just help me enjoy a game more. Instead I say, “I’ll get back to that and figure it out.” Sometimes I do and it is a good feeling. Sometimes I don’t and end up just not finishing something. So while I don’t use them, I can certainly see the appeal. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a stickler about avoiding them myself.


    1. That’s the sentiment I feel as well. Using a guide feels like I’m robbing myself of the experience, yet by using it, I won’t miss anything and I’ll get to experience the entire game. It makes you think of what the very definition of “experiencing a game” is.


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