Art Is Not Enough

always on the move

always on the run

always standing still

always never done


keep on doing more

keep on learning less

keep on suffering

keep on top the test


never no time off

never no time on

never working hard

never an artist gone


art remains a job

art remains a love

art goes through the motions

art is not enough


art becomes a drug

art is not enough

My Gaming Landscape [February 17th, 2015]


Another Gaming Landscape! I’ve been playing a lot of games recently, so many in fact that I’ve unfortunately been neglecting some. Specifically Metroid Prime Trilogy. I really want to play that game more but I haven’t touched it in like three week. Actually since the last Gaming Landscape I did. But this isn’t about video games I haven’t been playing. It’s not even about games I want to play! Here are the games I HAVE been playing. Lets get to it!

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Discussing: Walkthrough Temptations


I’ve gotten addicted to Pokémon X again over the weekend and I’m about half way through the game, I think. I just got the Gym Badge in the Lumiose City and I have never beaten the game so you tell me. Anyway, I’ve been trying to stave off the desire to look at a walkthrough or look up stats and evolutions on a particular Pokémon almost the entire way through and it got me thinking why this is. It’s not like I’ve been stuck or anything. In fact, I’ve been finding Pokémon X to be kind of easy. However, I don’t actually know what to do and I know I could know what to do rather easily. I’ve been keeping myself from doing that but why?

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You Like Crap?

The other day, my mother was talking to me about a kid at school she talked to. She’s a security guard at a middle school that’s mostly filled with delinquents. This kid in particular however likes my mother because she listens to him and as such, confides in her. He told her how he wants to go to college but that the kids in his school make fun of him for it. So he gets into trouble like the other kids in order to keep appearances. He described it to living a double life. It reminded me about me when I was young and how I used to give in to the pressures of others. Continue reading “You Like Crap?”

Discussing: Capcom’s Game Design


I’ve been playing Resident Evil HD Remaster and after numerous attempts to understand how the game is meant to be played, I’m starting to enjoy myself. I’ll talk about that more in my next Gaming Landscape but this got me thinking about Capcom and the types of games they make.

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Discussing: YouTube Copyright Claims Update

This is going to be a very small post. I would’ve just edited my previous post and added a paragraph but I need to undo a big announcement I made in the previous post and it felt like it at least deserved its own separate post. In my last Discussing post, I announced that I would stop making YouTube videos on Nintendo and Sega games due to their constant copyright claims. Since I posted that article, Sega has removed ALL of their copyright claims. Every single one is gone and all of my videos can be monetized and viewed now. As a result, I will cover Sega games again on my YouTube channel. Thanks, Sega! Quick note: I still won’t be covering Nintendo games.

Discussing: YouTube Copyright Claims

content-id-youtube-600x369I make YouTube lets play videos. They don’t get many views but I enjoy doing it. If anything, I have fun making them and playing the games I show. However, I would like this to perhaps turn into something more and as such, I monetize my videos. I haven’t seen any money from this yet, but perhaps someday, right? WRONG! At least for some videos. For awhile now, I’ve been getting hit with copyright claims from game companies, claiming ad revenue from my videos (which again amounts to zero). I’ve gotten a few for my Batman Arkham Asylum videos and my Deadpool videos, a few random ones here and there.

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Colorwind Reviews John Wick–All This Over a DOG!?


Keanu Reeves kills a bunch of people because some punks stole his car and killed his dog. That’s it. That’s the movie. If that sounds bad to you, then my work is done and you don’t need to read the rest of this review. If you think that could be cool or fun in a popcorn kind of way, you’re wrong. No, shut up. YOU’RE WRONG! However, if you think this looks awesomely bad and a great movie to make fun of, then you would be right. This movie is all kinds of stupid and a lot of things about it just don’t work. But for the sake of professionalism, lets give you the premise and some positives about the movie because there are a few. A couple. One. There’s just one.

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My Cinema Landscape [February 3rd, 2015]


Peace and love, cinephiles! Welcome to my inaugural edition of My Cinema Landscape. If you are familiar with My Gaming Landscape, this is the same idea but with movies. I’ve been watching a lot of movies recently and I’ve wanted to write about them but haven’t had the time to write about them individually, despite my best efforts. Therefore, like My Gaming Landscape – where I write about my thoughts on games I’ve been playing recently – My Cinema Landscape will be about movies I’ve watched recently. They will be informal mini-critiques and impressions and not meant to be comprehensive in the way a full blown review would be. With the post being explained, let’s talk about three movies I’ve seen recently.

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Colorwind Reviews Life is Strange–Episode 1: Chrysalis–Hipster Gold


Life is Strange is a game that wonderfully encapsulates the feeling of isolation one in their formative teenage years can experience. The actual mechanics of the game almost feel like a secondary peripheral to the primary story and characters. As such, those who are staunchly in favor of gameplay significantly overshadowing everything else in the game will find nothing to love in Life is Strange. However, if you can get over that you are playing this game for story, not gameplay, you’ll find a story that has been lovingly crafted in its first episode as well as a mechanic that keeps you interested enough to what to progress with the story.

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