My Gaming Landscape [January 30th, 2015]

MGL 1-29-15

What’s up, gamers and players!? Colorwind here with another Gaming Landscape. Since my last Gaming Landscape, I’ve put BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend and Mario Kart 8 back on the shelf, and I’ve finished Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. I’m going to give that game a full review because I have a lot to say about it but I’ve played plenty of games since then. A quick note: I haven’t stopped playing Legend of Dragoon since the last Gaming Landscape. I just haven’t played much of it since the last one and don’t have anything to say about it. Without further delay, lets talk some games!

Resident Evil HD Remaster

I want it to be known to you, the reader, that I really tried. I tried so hard, more than I have ever before and in one way, I was successful. However, I ultimately failed. I accept this. I accept failure because it’s what I want. I tried to play Resident Evil HD Remaster. I got it on PC because I heard about the better movement controls. I’ve always hated the tank controls and this solved that. Also, I am scared of horror games but I wanted to conquer my fear and this was a very obvious choice. My fear of horror games started with the first horror game I played, Resident Evil. I never got beyond the zombie dogs crashing through the window. This time, that was going to change.

And I did. I got to the East Stairs save room and got almost everything up to that point as Jill. However, I got SO FUCKING LOST. I have no idea how anyone figured out how to do anything in this game. I even used a walkthrough when I got too frustrated and I still couldn’t proceed! None of these puzzles have anything to do with anything! I thought I was just trying to find my missing partner. Why are there Sword keys and how would I figure out to burn zombies and why can I only carry eight items and why can’t I run and shoot and WHY DOESN’T BARRY HELP ME IN THE ROOM WITH THE CEILING TRAP LIKE THE WALKTHROUGH SAYS!?

None of the gameplay mechanics make sense in regards to its story and none of the gameplay mechanics are ever explained to you. I did a stream for 30 minutes blindly trying to figure out how to do anything. I spent another two hours on my own fumbling with the controls, accidentally going back and forth between screens, randomly hitting the action button in search of items, and woefully trying to figure out what my purpose in this world is. EXPLORING A WORLD WITHOUT GIVING THE PLAYER A REASON WHY THEY WOULD WANT TO IS BAD GAMEPLAY CONVEYANCE AND IT’S JUST PLAIN BAD FUCKING GAME DESIGN!

In conclusion, I didn’t like this game. However, I’m glad I gave it another shot. I’m not afraid of it anymore. I was too frustrated to be afraid. Now I can say that I don’t play Resident Evil, not because of bad controls, not because of being afraid, but because the game sucks.

Double Dragon Trilogy

The first new release of this year that I was excited for. I’m a fan of the original Double Dragon games and a collection of the first three arcade games was a no brainer. For the most part, it’s a good port. The games look good in HD resolutions and there’s no major port issues as far as I can tell. However, it’s fairly bare bones. The game in widescreen resolutions is either with black bars on each side or with a stretched image. There’s no lives or coins option, meaning you’re stuck with the three lives and continues default and you have to beat the games in that amount of tries. This can be punishing, especially for Double Dragon II and 3. The online multiplayer works fine when you can find a connection but not many are playing it so matches are sparse. Finally, the new hub is fine but I would’ve preferred an option to use the originals. It’s not a bad purchase for $10 and I don’t think there’s a better legal way of playing these versions of these games but MAME is still a better option. If you’re still curious, I did a quick gameplay video of it on my YouTube channel.

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

I heard about this game through TotalBiscuit. He did a video on this game and it looked interesting to me so I got it and tried it out. So far, this is my game of the year. This is actually a port of a Xbox Live Arcade game that came out a couple of years ago before coming out on PC this year. This game is so much fun in a cardinal way. The combat system is more in depth than most beat-em-ups, as there’s three normal attack buttons, one special attack buttons, two magic attack buttons, and a powered-up mode. There’s also four standard characters and at least four unlockable characters. There’s not a whole lot of different content but there is enough different to keep you playing, especially when you can level up all the characters to 50. I think you can level them up beyond that but I’m not sure. I’ve already done a quick gameplay video of me figuring the game out and then a stream of me starting a new playthrough with another character. So check them out.

Metroid Prime Trilogy: Metroid Prime 1

I just got this game yesterday and I’ve only played the intro but I’m already liking it more than I did the GameCube original. The reason is that I like the motion controls more than the original pad controls. I’m in the camp that thinks that Prime should have had shooter controls. Not just for the combat situations but for the platforming. Because of that, I could never get into the controls despite me digging the atmosphere and premise of the original game. I didn’t bother with the second game as a result and just never got around to the third game or the trilogy’s original release. I know that the Trilogy is an uncommon game now and runs for $50+ so when this was announced, I knew it would be worth picking up on the Wii U, just like Earthbound is. I played the intro and although the motion controls are a bit janky, it’s still better than the the pad controls and good enough to give this game a fair shot. I will say that I was stuck trying to figure out how to switch visors for five minutes and that probably could’ve been done better. That said, I’m excited to see what the big deal is about.

Thanks for reading my Gaming Landscape for January essentially. Check out my YouTube channel for playthroughs that I’m doing as well as single gameplay videos, known as Colorwind Beats/Completes and Colorwind Plays, respectively. Right now I’m playing Mega Man X2, Killer Instinct, Alice: Madness Returns and Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. The last one is being streamed on my Twitch channel. I’ll tweet out when my streams happen on my Twitter, @Colorwind, so check all that out to see what’ll be on my next Gaming Landscape. And speaking of Gaming Landscapes, tell me what your Gaming Landscapes have been in the comments below! Peace and love, gamers and players! Colorwind out!


3 thoughts on “My Gaming Landscape [January 30th, 2015]

    1. I’ve been playing more of Prime 1 today and I’m really enjoying it. I love getting lost in this world. It’s so interesting and the game is designed to reward your curiosity.


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