Countdown: My New Years 2015 Resolutions

Funny-New-year-Resolution-20152015 is now upon us and the mandatory New Years resolutions must be made. I actually didn’t have any resolutions right before writing this. I wanted to make New Years resolutions, I planned to make New Years resolutions, but I just never did. However, I did have like some ideas of what I want to accomplish in the new year and to do those ideas, I would have to change a few things about what I usually do. Those are my New Years resolutions so lets get to them.

1. Read More Books

I used to read books all the time as a kid but I have rarely read books in the last 15 years. As a writer, it’s a cardinal sin and something I need to rectify. I think what I need to do is branch out what I read. I typically only read fiction so may I should read non-fiction, poetry, self-help books and other things. I do have a Kindle Fire that I rarely use to read so I could start there.

2. Watch More Movies

I don’t watch enough movies. I think I saw maybe one new movie last year. Maybe. Probably not. However, I want to watch new movies because from a creative standpoint, I tend to learn a lot from them. I tend to pay attention to the characters and how they are performed to figure out what the writer’s intentions were when creating their personalities, motivations, backstory, etc. Movies stimulate my mind in ways other forms of media don’t and I want that more. I’ve already seen The Angry Video Game Nerd movie so that’s good.

3. Play Less Video Games

I know this is a weird one but I’ve been playing video games so much for the last four years or so, I’ve neglected my other interest. In addition to movies and books, I don’t play my guitar anymore, I don’t write creatively anymore and I don’t listen to music as much anymore (although that’s partially due to music in general kind of sucking the last two years). I love video games and I always will but that’s not all I’m passionate about; video games are not my entire identity. So I want to just chill out on video games for a bit.

4. Indulge More, Be Less Practical

I have a habit of not buying things if it’s not video games or something that is not practical to get. Wanna get a Bluray of a movie I like? No, I’ll wait for it to show up on Netflix. Want to get a comic book? Nah, I should wait for the hardcover. Want some beef jerky from the convenience store a couple of blocks away? Nah, save the money for some takeout or the grocery store. It’s true that I have a limited budget but I need to use what little extra cash I have to just get things that I enjoy, sensibility be damned.


A lot of my resolutions can be summed up with this resolution. I have a problem with living my life with some kind of end goal in mind. Even though I love video games, I monopolized it for writing. I pushed movies, music, books, and other stuff out so I can focus on games and writing about them for a living. All my extra money went towards video games for that purpose. I enjoy being productive but it’s now to a point that I don’t know what to do with myself when I don’t need to do anything. When I have free time, I don’t know what to do. So I guess this resolution is really relax and learn how to do things not to be productive. Learn how to decompress and enjoy it.

So there are my resolutions. I know this is not really a video game blog but that’s on purpose. I want to write about more than just video games and I plan to do that. If you think this is a good idea, let me know in the comments. Also, let me know what your New Years resolutions are. Peace and love, gamers and players! Colorwind out!


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