Game Pitch: Twisted Metal–High Octane

twisted-metal-sweet-toothI’ve been writing a lot recently about Twisted Metal and I’d thought I’d end my series of Twisted Metal themed posts with a game pitch for a new Twisted Metal. This will be a bit shorter than most as there’s not a lot that needs to be changed from previous iterations. However, I’m a big fan of the more traditional style of Twisted Metal, such as 2 and Head On, and I would like to see a new game in that style. So without further ado, here’s my idea for Twisted Metal: High Octane.

Leading off from Twisted Metal: Head-On, Crimson Fury’s ending is what ends up being cannon as Calypso is arrested by federal agents. He is convicted and sentenced to life in a high security prison. He stays imprisoned for 15 years and has become a weak, old man. One day, Sweet Tooth breaks into the prison and helps him escape. Since his imprisonment, Sweet Tooth’s two personas – Needles and Marcus Kane – have become one and have been terrorizing the world as Sweet Tooth, the worst serial killer ever. However, Sweet Tooth’s lust for blood cannot be satiated anymore and decides he needs the Twisted Metal competition to return. Using a loophole in the tournament rules by killing Agent Shepard and using his wish, which he never actually claimed, Sweet Tooth wishes for Calypso to regain his youth and strength in order to hold another Twisted Metal tournament but one bigger than any previously.

The title of this game comes from High Octane being the original name of the tournament when the first Twisted Metal was being created. This would be a downloadable title but would have more courses and cars than ever before. 30 cars would be in the game as well as 20 stages. There would be a story mode for each character with prologue and ending cutscenes for each and comprising of eight stages, with the final boss being different for each car, an exhibition mode for one off matches, a ladder mode that has you going through all 20 stages, and both online and offline multiplayer, with deathmatch, team deathmatch and tag modes. The 30 cars in the game would be the following:

  • Sweet Tooth – Ice Cream Truck
  • Roadkill – Junk car built from scrap metal
  • Axel – Two giant wheels with driver strapped in the center
  • Thumper – Low Rider
  • Spectre – Classic 60’s Roadster
  • Twister – Indy Car
  • Junkyard Dog – Tow Truck
  • Outlaw – Police Car
  • Hammerhead – Monster Truck
  • Shadow – Hearse
  • Mr.Grimm – Harley Davidson Motorcycle
  • Darkside – Semi Truck
  • Mr. Slam – Front Loader Construction Vehicle
  • Auger – Contruction Vehicle with Drill
  • Minion – Tank
  • Warthog – US Army Humvee
  • Grasshopper – Dune Buggy
  • Crimson Fury – Lamborghini
  • Yellow Jacket – Taxi Cab
  • Drifter (formerly Brimstone) – El Camino
  • Kamikaze – Sports Car
  • Double Agent (formerly Club Kid) – Austin Mini
  • Pyro (formerly Firestarter) – Hot Rod
  • Maverick – Dirt Bike
  • Manslaughter – Dump Truck
  • Hit n’ Run – Station Wagon
  • Cross Country – RV
  • Desert Storm – 3-Wheel ATV
  • Journey – 60s-Style Van
  • Phantom – Rolls Royce Phantom

Meanwhile, the stages would be:

  • Downtown Los Angeles, United States
  • Berlin, Germany
  • San Francisco, United States
  • Grand Canyon, United States
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Siberia, Russia
  • Mubai, India
  • Akihabara, Japan
  • Chihuahuan Desert, United States
  • New Orleans, United States
  • Stanton Island, United States
  • Cruise Ship, Atlantic Ocean
  • Royal Albert Hall, England
  • Amazon Rainforest, South America
  • Sicily, Italy
  • Port Arthur, Australia
  • Mongolia-Manchurian Grassland
  • Toronto Rooftops, Canada
  • Magical Kingdom, United States (interpretation of amusement parks in Florida)

The gameplay would essentially be like Twisted Metal Head-On but in 60 frames per second. Weapons include missiles, homing missiles, gas cans, ricochet bombs, mines, flamethrowers, remote bombs, rocket launchers, mortars, and swarmer missiles. Jumping, EMP blasts, tire spikes, and shields can be activated using the d-pad and consuming an energy meter. Aesthetically, the game will be cell shaded but still have a darker edge to the graphics, perhaps something along the lines of No More Heroes or Killer 7. The soundtrack will have heavy metal music featuring underground bands of today. Finally, all of the cars and stages will be unlocked from the start but completing the story mode with each car unlocks their story cutscenes and completing the ladder mode with each car unlocks the ability to customize each car. Playing the multiplayer mode and using each car a set amount of times also unlocks this feature.

So that’s my idea for a brand new Twisted Metal game. What do you think? Do you have an idea yourself? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading! Peace and Love, gamers and players. Colorwind out!


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