The Overflow of Social Media

53e20bff3b124I don’t get social media all that well. I mostly use them as information providers rather than to actually socialize with other people or companies. However, I became rather addicted to that information. I used to have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Raptr, as well as blogs and posts on Reddit, N4G, IGN, Gamespot, Giant Bomb, Destructoid, Digg, Blogspot and WordPress. I’ve managed to cut all of this down now to Facebook, Twitter, IGN and WordPress but I still feel like I’m not grasping how I’m supposed to utilize all that the few social networks I have let have to offer. However, I also think, “how can I” when there are so many social networks out there? Everyone has their preference and although Twitter and Facebook seem to be the most common choices, there’s a noticeable group of people on Tumblr, Reddit and others. Everyone’s splintered off.

I don’t make status updates on Facebook that often and I don’t tweet that much either. I don’t feel the need to share what I’m doing or thinking right at the moment because I don’t think anyone cares about it in its current state. As I writer, I’d rather write out how I feel but as someone who is careful about what they do and think things through first, I’d rather have thought something through first before writing it. This is why I’m writing this blog post for my WordPress blog instead of going on Twitter the moment this comes to mind and writing “Don’t post much but I’m addicted to socials lol should probably stop”. Now to be fair, I actually did not think this post through too much. I’m gathering all my thoughts and putting them to words in no organized fashion in order to demonstrate the aloofness but disorderly way social media has gotten me.


So how exactly do I use social media? Every morning, I do my routine and then either sit down at my computer or grab my phone and check Facebook and Twitter. I should mention that I check everything that I might have missed since the last time I checked. So if the last time I checked was when I went to bed, I check the last eight hours or so. If I haven’t checked it in three days, I check the last 72 hours. I follow various pages, groups, and people on Facebook and there can be a lot of posts so I have it organized so I check my Close Friends, Acquaintances, Family, and two previous jobs. I also check my groups and the pages I follow as categorized under five lists: Funny, Entertainment, Web Shows, Game Stuff, and Games. On Twitter, I have all 93 twitters I follow in seven lists: News, IGN, Friends, Entertainment, Collegues, Game Personalities, and Games. I check each of those so I’m all caught up and then I’ll probably do some random tweet just to mark my place so I know where to start from next time.

I enjoy the amount of information I get from these social networks. Twitter is now how I get my news and my news lists is filled with Twitter feeds from my local newspaper to Politico. However, there’s this need to always be up to date with everything and it can be difficult. A lot of people comment on the groups I’m a part of and they can get filled with new posts and comments very quickly. What’s more is since I don’t comment that much, a lot of the updates I don’t really care about since they’re from people who commented rather than put up a new post and I don’t care typically about continuing a conversation. However, I realize that this is supposed to be the point of social media. To converse with others on a topic I have interest in. Most of the topics I do have interest in, whether it’s the latest from Gaza or what my favorite Sonic game is. It was even worse when I was part of all the other social medias and I only left because I realized that I was getting duplicate information. There’s still some now to but it’s minimal.


Perhaps I’m being too literal about this. Maybe there’s a less stressful and obsessive compulsive way of doing this. However, I want to know if anyone feels this way about social media and if other people have other ways of consuming the posts and info from social media. Maybe I should organize it a different way. Leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think. I know I said that I don’t like to continue conversations in the comments but when it comes to my own posts, I will as I know it’s important and also, I’m asking you a question. Just some thoughts from your own socially inept Colorwind! Peace and love, brothers and sisters!


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