Shovel Knight Review–For Shovelry!

  • 42034Action Platformer
  • Developed and Published by Yacht Club Games
  • Available on 3DS (via eShop), Wii U (via eShop), PC (via Steam, Good Old Games) [played]
  • Released on 2014-06-26 (3DS, Wii U, PC)

I was never a big fan of the NES style of games. Back in the day, even though I liked a lot of NES games, I rarely look back with fondness at the difficulty, primitive graphics, and sometimes cryptic game mechanics. I know, I know, it’s sacrilegious for a gamer to say that, especially for someone like me whose first console was the NES. However, when a game like Shovel Knight is released, it reminds me what fans of the console are talking about. Shovel Knight is arguably the best retro title to be released in recent memory and is a fine example of why gameplay always outshines presentation.

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The Overflow of Social Media

53e20bff3b124I don’t get social media all that well. I mostly use them as information providers rather than to actually socialize with other people or companies. However, I became rather addicted to that information. I used to have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Raptr, as well as blogs and posts on Reddit, N4G, IGN, Gamespot, Giant Bomb, Destructoid, Digg, Blogspot and WordPress. I’ve managed to cut all of this down now to Facebook, Twitter, IGN and WordPress but I still feel like I’m not grasping how I’m supposed to utilize all that the few social networks I have let have to offer. However, I also think, “how can I” when there are so many social networks out there? Everyone has their preference and although Twitter and Facebook seem to be the most common choices, there’s a noticeable group of people on Tumblr, Reddit and others. Everyone’s splintered off. Continue reading “The Overflow of Social Media”