My Gaming Landscape [July 14th, 2014]


Peace and love, gamers and players and welcome to My Gaming Landscape. This is a weekly article where I talk about the games I’ve been playing for the last week. The past week has been less hectic for me, as I only loaded up seven games: Final Fantasy IV, Pokémon X, Sonic Colors, Sonic Adventure 2, Eternal Sonata, Double Dragon Neon and Pac-Man via Namco Museum Vol.1.

Eternal Sonata

I continued my Eternal Sonata playthrough and I’m at the start of the 6th chapter. I’m close to the end of the game and I expect to finish it by the next of this week. I’m really enjoying myself, as once again I love the combat system, story and art design. However, I’m noticing things about the game I hadn’t before. Like how there’s a really annoying dungeon in the second chapter or how the 5th chapter is pretty much just filler. I kind of see that this game has some real flaws in it, including the ones I was already aware of like the horrible voice acting. Still a fun game though and I still recommend it.

Double Dragon Neon

The PlayStation Store had a Flash Sale this past weekend and a grip of games were only 99 cents. So I picked up Wild Arms, Wild Arms 2, The Legend of Dragoon, Papo & Yo, Toejam & Earl, and Double Dragon Neon. I loaded up Double Dragon Neon and am currently stuck on Mission 6. Yes, I’m stuck because that level is annoying as hell! However, I do like the game although I think there’s a lot of problems with it. The controls feel like they have a lot of delay even though they don’t and that’s because the animations take a long time. What’s more is in order to do your next move or attack, the animation needs to finish. So if you want to duck and roll, you can’t press L2 and then immediately press left or right. You need to press L2, wait a second, and then press left or right. This wouldn’t be a problem except that this game does have sequences where you need to react quickly or do platforming, something the controls are not meant for. I still like the game as linking combos with the ducking and running attacks is fun but I’ve definitely played better beat-em-ups.

Sonic Colors

I’ve been in a Sonic kind of mood so I loaded up Sonic Colors and decided to get all the red medals and S rankings in the first world. I did it and I really had a good time! Some Sonic games have these kinds of objectives and they can be frustrating because the games lacked polish and weird things could happen to you as you’re trying to get through the level in a hurry. Sonic Colors is a more polished game and it makes it more enjoyable. I do wish I had a GameCube controller because I feel like that would be the best way to play this game. So far, I’ve just been making due with the Wii Classic Controller for the most part.

Pokémon X

I decided to erase my last playthrough of Pokémon X and start a new file. Last time, I tried to capture every Pokémon I could and raise them all up in the training and Amie sections. It’s just way too much to do and I was overwhelmed. I never got past I think the second gym leader. So this time, I’m going to limit the amount of Pokémon I get and worry about building them all later, after finishing the main game. So far, I’ve got Fennekin, Bulbasaur, and Vivilion, the special one that was given online through the Mystery Gift option. My Pokémon are all pretty strong except for Bulbasaur and I’ve defeated the first gym leader. I’ve only been playing a few hours and I’m already advancing a lot faster.

I also played some more Final Fantasy IV for my YouTube playthrough and started a new one of Sonic Adventure 2. I tried to play some Pac-Man by emulating Namco Museum Vol.1 but I wasn’t able to for long as my controller was lagging on my for some reason and it made the game unplayable.

That’s all that I played this week and now I want to announce that I’m not going to be doing My Gaming Landscapes anymore for the future. I want to focus on doing articles that take more time and though as well as interacting more with the IGN community. Therefore, I don’t want to have a weekly article to worry about. However, this is not the last Gaming Landscape. I think I’m going to tweak what the article is going to be to include more than just what I’ve been playing. Gaming Landscape means what has been on my mind in regards to gaming and it really goes beyond what I’ve been playing. So when I’m ready, I’ll bring back My Gaming Landscape with a new format and a new schedule, if any. Peace and love, gamers and players! Colorwind out!


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