My Gaming Landscape [June 2, 2014]


Peace and love, gamers and players! Another week, another Gaming Landscape. Thankfully, I played fewer games this week, six games to be specific, so lets go!

Chrono Cross

My Chrono Cross playthrough continues, though I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted to. I only managed to go back and recruit some characters I forgot to get the first time around, such as Poshul and Mojo. Unfortunately, I didn’t get Leena since I’ve already missed my chance. I’m supposed to be finding a cure for Kid right now but really, I just went exploring for an hour or two. Not much done but still loving exploring the world and grinding a little bit.


Last week, a commenter (@slag) on Giant Bomb told me what they were playing and they had mentioned a game called Teslagrad. They explained the gameplay and showed me some screenshots and I immediately jumped and got it. I played around two hours of it and despite the recommendations, I grew bored and decided to give up. The game is really pretty and the Metroidvania layout combined with physics puzzles is cool in theory but I found the puzzles to be not very interesting and the one hit deaths gets frustrating. The map in the game is pretty useless too. Sorry @slag but I couldn’t get into it.


Because of the hype, and because of the anticipation, I tried Watch_Dogs out on my computer. Now here’s the weird thing. I thought my computer could run the game but according to the minimum specs requirements (which I swear they change from before when I had checked), that’s not the case. However, I started the game and after putting everything on the lowest settings, the game was running fine. I actually used FRAPS to see the frame rate and I was actually getting 80 fps at times and averaging at 60 fps. So I raised a few settings until I consistently got 30 fps.

Then I started playing the game. I got out of the stadium and did the mission with my sister getting cranked called. I also did a side mission where I raced through checkpoints and drew the attention of the cops. The entire time, I was bored. That game plays a lot like Grand Theft Auto title but not as good. I think the main problem is the city. Chicago doesn’t feel interesting at all and I don’t care to be there. I actually was reminded of lesser GTA clones like the first Saints Row.

I started going for the ctOS tower but then the game started stuttering. I lowered all the settings again but it kept happening. So I gave up and uninstalled it. I’ve heard now that there are issues with the PC version, even with the day 1 update (which I did get before even booting it up) so maybe I’ll pick it up when I eventually get a PS4 but for now, I can wait.

Max Payne 3

I have a lot of games on my shelf that I’ve bought and then just put there, without actually playing. Max Payne 3 is one of those games. So I finally decided to pop it in to my PS3 and give it a shot. That’s a good game! I’m really enjoying it! The depiction of Max himself is really well done and the gameplay is really solid. Jumping out at thugs and gunning them down in slow-mo doesn’t get old.

A few grips would be that the story and movement in the game. Why would Max protect some high class people in Brazil? Seems kind of dumb. As for movement, sometimes Max get stuck on the edge of a box or crate or whatever is around. It feels like Max is a little too heavy. I’ve gotten killed a few times because Max got stuck on an edge as opposed to going into cover or something. The cover system isn’t the best either.

I’m at the part right after he shaved his head now. I’m getting into the story, Max specifically, so I think I’m going to stop right now and play the first game again. I actually tried to but I’m getting some sound issues. I just fixed that problem literally right before reading this so you’ll probably read about me playing the first game next week.

New Super Mario Bros. U

I FINALLY FINISHED NEW SUPER MARIO BROS U! I’ve been playing this game off and on ever since I got my Wii U last December, mostly because I didn’t find it to be a particularly great game. However, I have finally finish the game and I even completed the story mode 100%. I did rage on the second to last level which is ungodly hard. Seriously, the rest of the game is pretty easy and even the rest of the Star Road is challenging but not impossible. That level is the worst. However, it’s all done now and maybe someday, I’ll get into the challenges and New Super Luigi U.


I played a half an hour of Tetris on my Kindle Fire. The touch controls are kind of weird but I grew to like it. My half an hour play time was just one session because I did really well! Went all the way to level 13 from level 1 and I’m pretty proud of that. Tetris is one of my favorite games ever so it’s always good to load it up once and awhile.

Finally, I’ve been uploading to YouTube a stream I did with my buddy Terrascene on the SNES game Lagoon as well as one more Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare video. So here are the links:

Colorwind Beats Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare #12 – FALL BACK!

Colorwind Terrascene Beats Lagoon (SNES) LIVE #1: Apparently, Muddy Water is a Huge Problem

Colorwind Terrascene Beats Lagoon (SNES) LIVE #2: SCREW SMART WATER!

Colorwind Terrascene Beats Lagoon (SNES) LIVE #3: Golf Commentary

Colorwind Terrascene Beats Lagoon (SNES) LIVE #4: Bob and Victor’s Interior Commentary

Colorwind Terrascene Beats Lagoon (SNES) LIVE #5: CLEAN YOUR FUCKING COMPUTERS!

So what have you been playing? Let me know in the comments below and lets get a conversation going!


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