My Gaming Landscape [June 30, 2014]

Holy crap. Ho-ly crap. HO-LY FUCK-ING CRAP! I played 24 GAMES THIS WEEK! I didn’t even photoshop a photo because there’s JUST TOO MANY! Now, I’ll be honest. Almost none of them were for very long but still. Part of the reason for this is I was in a retro mood and played a lot of Sega Genesis games. However, games back then tend to be very short so there was a lot of play a game for a half an hour, move on to the next. So lets just jump into it because this might be long even though I’m not going to spend a lot of time on any of these games.

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My Gaming Landscape [June 23, 2014]


Peace and Love, gamers and players. It’s Monday so that means it’s once again time for another Gaming Landscape, where I talk about what I’ve been playing for the past week. Not a lot has been going on as I’ve focused on one game really so this will be a shorter post. Nevertheless, I’ve got some stuff to talk about. No more stalling! Let’s get to it!

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Game Pitch – Golden Axe: The Addler Society


The other day I was thinking about the potential sale of Capcom’s IPs and maybe even the company itself and I was thinking how any video game series of old could be updated, remain true to its roots, and be a good game. I was trying to think of some random old franchise as an example and for some reason landed on Golden Axe. I started really thinking about the mechanics, the features, the story and the modes and actually came up with a pretty good pitch for a new Golden Axe game. So I now present to you Golden Axe: The Addler Society.

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My Gaming Landscape [June 16, 2014]


Peace and love, gamers and players! It’s been two weeks since the last Gaming Landscape because I took last week off for E3. Therefore, this week will cover TWO WEEKS! I actually ended up not playing a lot of games, at least for two weeks, but I do have a lot to say about them. So with no further adieu, lets get started.

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Colorwind Reviews Saints Row: The Third

saintsrow3_xbox360Rarely does a game nowadays decide it doesn’t want to be taken seriously. In a sea of titles that push the limits of the narrative potential of video games, Saints Row: The Third is busy peeing in said sea. SR3 doesn’t feature a heartfelt narrative or complex characters and it doesn’t want to. SR3 wants you to have fun, by any means necessary, and will bend the story’s non-existent rules to do so. Want to storm a party guns blazing while Kanye West’s “POWER” plays? How about shoot up a sex dungeon completely naked? Dive out of a plane in a tank? SR3 has this kind of stuff in spades.

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My Gaming Landscape [June 2, 2014]


Peace and love, gamers and players! Another week, another Gaming Landscape. Thankfully, I played fewer games this week, six games to be specific, so lets go! Continue reading “My Gaming Landscape [June 2, 2014]”