The New Order of Things

Last night, I was sitting at my desk, staring at my computer monitor, hoping for some words to come to mind that I would instruct my hands to type out onto the blank document. Eventually some words did come out but I wasn’t fully happy with them. For three years, my focus has been on video games and I cast aside other interests of mine, especially for the past year or two. As I currently have more time for myself now, I feel I shouldn’t be as creatively stunted as I am. Therefore, I’ve decided that my blog, this blog, will become more than it is right now. It’s currently contains nothing but video game content. Reviews, impressions, lets play videos and my weekly article, My Gaming Landscape. Not anymore.

I am a gamer. I will never not be a gamer. However, I’m a writer first and I have written numerous things in my life. I like to indulge myself in numerous facets of creativity, including movies, music, television, internet shows, comics, books, politics, sex education, and home décor. I also have been on both the critique and creative side of most of these topics. I’m tired of imposing this limitation of only one of my interests on myself and so my blog will now consists of quote, “whatever the hell I want to write about”.

Currently, this will only apply to my written content, as I don’t even know how I would incorporate my other interests into video content. However, if and/or once I do, video content of subjects other than video games is possible. Also, some original music content might be introduced as well if I can get the equipment to record it. As the content starts to shape and I begin to have a more cohesive idea of what content I’ll be outputting, I may break up my blog into different sites to gear towards said interests but for now, everything will be here. The new layout of the site signifies the changes as everything will be bigger and more diverse, though a custom design is definitely in the back of my mind.

Just typing this blog out makes me feel more creatively free and liberated. Anyone who does follow me and anyone who does read this, I hope you’ll stick around to see what else I have to offer. Peace and Love, brothers and sisters! Colorwind out!


You talking to me? Are you...talking to me?

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