Colorwind Reviews Yoshi’s New Island


I don’t think Nintendo understands what the word “New” means.

Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros series suffers from ironically being essentially the same game with a couple of new powerups introduced in each game. The art assets and soundtrack is reused often and the only differences in between the games are the levels, and that’s debatable. Yoshi’s New Island suffers from the same problem to a disturbing level, as it follows the original Yoshi’s Island almost to a tee, making this more of a remake than a new game in the series. The only changes it makes are all for the worse, making Yoshi’s “New” Island more of a disappointment than a bad game. Oh and I’m going to put new in quotation marks for this whole review because this game is new in theory only.

2609128-6308078119-3ds_yBut I said this game is disappointing rather than bad, right? Yes because since it copies the original game almost perfectly, the game is still a good amount of fun just like the original. In fact, a lot about this game is enjoyable and if you haven’t played the original, you might have a decent amount of time playing it. It’s only when you compare it to the original that things get disappointing, which you have to since it is basically a dumbed down carbon copy of it.

The story is the same as the original. Literally.

Take baby Mario to where baby Luigi is being held by Kamek. Apparently, the story is the same because the stork delivered the babies to the wrong house in the original and on the way to the correct house, literally the same thing that happened in the original game happens again and Kamek steals baby Luigi and baby Mario falls down to where the Yoshis live. The Yoshis now have to trek across Yoshi’s Island to get where Kamek is holding baby Luigi again, except this time it’s a floating egg-shaped thing kinda like Knuckles’ Angel Island from Sonic the Hedgehog. I don’t know why other than that makes the title of this game twice a liar since this game isn’t new or taking place on an island. So Yoshi’s “New” “Island”.

B00DC7G3Q8_3If there’s one place this game feels noticeably different, it’s in the presentation. However, like I mentioned before, all the changes that are in this game are for the worse. Yoshi’s “New” “Island” has a claymation style look to it that’s actually different from the original’s crayon look. However, the Wallace and Gromit look of the game clashes with the bright and vibrant color palette and makes everything look kind of washed out and dull. Some of the expressions look strange too as a result. Then there’s the music. The soundtrack is terrible. Seriously, it’s just the worst. The music sounds like it was played using broken children’s instruments that are off key. I had to play the game with the sound off most of the time because it was just excruciating. Composer Masayoshi Ishi has done some great work in his career, including the Sega Genesis version of OutRun, but this is not his finest work. Easily the worst aspect of the game.

As for the gameplay itself, it’s a lot like the original game but that’s sort of a good thing. Controlling Yoshi still feels good and the platforming is solid, like in the original. The only complaint is that because of the loose feel of the circle pad, I found myself accidentally ground pounding when I didn’t mean to. Go with the d-pad for this game. The levels are also similarly designed except that they are easier and there are fewer of them, since there are only six worlds instead of the original’s eight. However, the levels haven’t been given that level of care or creativity that the original had. Some levels have some of that spark and have you doing cool things like making tricky jumps or making a trick shot with the eggs, and finding all the collectables is still a good time and challenge. However, there’s nothing like Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy level from the original game and there are too many levels that are just boring, not really exploiting the possibilities of the mechanics. Boss fights are pretty uninspired as well and the final bosses are especially disappointing as in the first two fights, it is essentially impossible to die unless you’re dumb.


The original game had sequences where you would transform Yoshi into some type of machine, like a helicopter or digging machine, and could reach places you couldn’t as normal Yoshi. These sequences are back but now they are their own sections within the levels and all utilize the gyroscope in the 3DS. These transform sequences…suck. They really do. They are either uninteresting or uninteresting or both. The controls never feel natural and some like the hot air balloon don’t feel good at all. One new mechanic in the game is the ability to make giant eggs from giant enemies. Unfortunately, this feature is just kind of there only when you need it to break down some walls or weigh yourself down underwater. It’s just wasted potential and the game never takes advantage of it.

I realize that I’m comparing the game a lot to the original and maybe I should judge the game on its own merits but the game really is just a subpar remake of the original, to the point that I just wondered why I didn’t just play the original. It’s not even the difficulty that bothers me. I don’t mind making a game easy, especially if it’s for a game meant for younger gamers. However, good game design will make that simpler challenge still engaging, not boring. Yoshi’s “New” “Island” fails to do that and just comes across as a ROM hack of the original. If you’ve never played the original, you might have some fun with it because there is a solid game here despite its new mechanics falling flat. However, you should just find a copy of the original and play that instead.

Score: 3/5


One thought on “Colorwind Reviews Yoshi’s New Island

  1. Looks like we did reviews of this the same day! I feel pretty similar to you even if I cam out a bit more on the positive side. I forget to mention how often I’d ground pound on accident with the circle pad. I don’t care for the placement of the d-pad on the 3DS (makes my thumb hurt a bit), so I stuck to the circle pad and it sometimes problematic. Great review!


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