Saying Goodbye to Gaming Precision

Last week, I was abruptly and harshly fired as Managing Editor of Gaming Precision. The reason was petty and not worth firing someone over. I had worked at Gaming Precision first for three months when it was independently owned by its founder Taylor Stein and then for a year and eight months, a year of which was as Managing Editor. While I am very angry as to how I was let go, I am more than anything else saddened as I put so much work, so much effort, so much love into not only my projects but my fellow writers.

Gaming Precision was the first site I wrote for. I had my own personal blog for a few months on when I was hired onto the site. After my position at PixlBit was gone, I was rehired there and eventually was promoted. In that time, I was given the freedom to write original content at my own whim. I was given a chance to produce whatever kind of content I wanted. As such, I gave back to the site and at one point was creating three different weekly articles, on top of reviews, editorials and daily news.

Gaming Precision was my main focus in life.

I believed in the site. When I became managing editor, I believed that we could turn the site into something great, into the next big video game journalism site on par with IGN, Gamespot, and Destructoid. I worked hard to give us a good framework by pushing for an updated site, encouraging collaborations and community among the writers, and supporting new ideas for features and articles. That’s why I’m sad that it ended this way, that despite all my hard work and proof that my efforts were paying off, I was fired.

For awhile, I wondered what I could’ve done differently to prevent this. The reason for my being fired was for one in particular and so I wondered if I could’ve just not had done that. However, I can’t think of one reason why I wouldn’t do what I did. It was good news, there was nothing said about not saying anything, it was barely a stab at anyone, it wasn’t even a good joke really. Ultimately, I can’t think of anything I did that was wrong. What’s more is I can’t think of how it could have been so bad that I would be fired so abruptly after all the work I’ve done.

Things at Gaming Precision weren’t perfect.

A lot of my efforts to better the site were impeded by the higher ups not responding quick enough or really at all. It’s clear to me now that Gaming Precision was never a priority for them and despite the numbers or maybe because of them, they perhaps thought they didn’t need to do anything to help the site since I managed to have it do well regardless of its problems.

One thing I am sore about in earnest regarding this whole mess is that I wasn’t the only one fired. One of our writers, Kenny Keelan, was also let go as a result of not only this reason that I know I’m being vague on but for defending me. He has posted his communications with my bosses on his own blog with great detail and although I won’t do that here, it saddens me to see how childishly they handled his termination. However, I thank him for his support and if you are reading this Kenny, I want you to know that you are brave and I’m infinitely thankful for having my back.

Gaming Precision does not die with me.

If there’s any good news behind this, it is that. I hope I made Gaming Precision bigger than me, even if my work was far from done. Though its now an even smaller team, Gaming Precision lives on. The remaining crew will live on and though I know not what they plan moving forward, they’re all great writers who are passionate about video games and share my vision for the site. They are what make that site great, not the higher ups. They are not the ones that got the numbers the site got. Gaming Precision will continue to grow despite them and I believe they can make it great.

I will probably look back at Gaming Precision in a positive light. My bosses were not there for the day to day proceedings. It was the writers and the love we shared for a common hobby, a way of life. Gaming Precision gave me the start I needed in this career path and I’ll always be grateful for that. I was not fired by Gaming Precision because it really doesn’t belong to them but to all of us. I hope I succeeded in doing that. Peace, love, tranquility and serenity to Felisha “Nightingale” Lea Silva, Ivan “Tech Curse” Mashkov, Benjamin “Bunneh3000” J Brown, and Kathryn Taylor and I’ll see you when I see you. Colorwind out!


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Gaming Precision

  1. Reblogged this on The Sandbox and commented:
    The other part of one side of the Gaming Precision drama; like I said, this guy handles these kinds of things way better, in public, than I ever could. GOOD ON YOU, ESTEBAN, LET’S KEEP THIS TRAIN MOVING FORWARD!


  2. Shared, reblogged, and spread all across everything I can. These people need to know that people know what they’re doing and they need to be exposed.
    You don’t have to thank me but you’re very, very welcome. One of the things you don’t screw with is my friends; the staff at GP were among them and to have our upper management stiff-arm us like this..? Just childish, cowardly, and incredibly unprofessional.


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