Metal Gear Solid 3 Impressions


I’m a part of a weekly podcast, The Gaming Precision Podcast, for the site I work for, Gaming Precision. On this past episode, the conversation turned towards the Metal Gear franchise. I’ve never played a Metal Gear game aside from Revengeance, which isn’t really a Metal Gear game. I was finally convinced to give one a try, despite the fact that I don’t like too many stealth games, and I’m not good at them. There was talk about me getting the first game or the fourth game first, due to it being the first in the Solid series for the former and the database files in the latter. However, I ended up getting the third game in the franchise because chronologically, it’s the first game. I bought Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD off of the PlayStation Network for $15 and dove in.

I’ve played for roughly four hours and I’ve stopped at the part where Snake falls into a dark cave after the boss fight with Ocelot. So far, I’m enjoying it. As far as stealth games go, it’s not too hard on the fail state when you’re detected, which I like. Shooting your gun is clunky but it’s not as bad as I’ve experience in the past. I like the use of camouflage in the game and how you can switch between outfits and face makeup on the fly. You could crawl across the floor, not in any bushes and not be seen if you use your camo correctly. I got lost in the beginning of the game and actually went in a circle before I figured out where I needed to go but then I figured out that I have multiple sonars to help me out. Going into the menu to look at the map is kind of annoying though.

The camouflage is pretty cool. I can barely see him here!

The camouflage is pretty cool. I can barely see him here!

Some other things that kind of bother me is kinda my fault but playing the game on Very Easy and having never played a Metal Gear game is way too easy. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked that difficulty but it was true. When it asked if I liked MGS1 or 2 or if I had never played one, I answered truthfully: I HAD NEVER PLAYED ONE! Very easy difficulty was listed as “for beginners” which is again me so I picked that as well. I don’t want to start the game over so I’m just going to run with it.

Another grip is the button mapping. I don’t really understand the face buttons in this game. There’s essentially two attack buttons (square and circle) and two action buttons (cross and triangle). Triangle I though just interacts with stuff and cross changes your stance but cross also sometimes interacts with stuff and it also dives. Square and circle both attack the same with the knife for the most part and I thought with a gun, square would shoot and circle would be some knife melee since Snake keeps talking about using his knife in close combat instead of his gun but nope. That’s weird to me. One last grip is about the HD remake itself rather than the game. The textures in this game are FUGLY! Clearly no work was done with that and the game can look pretty ugly as a result.


However, what I like most about this game so far is the story. It’s following kind of a plot that I’ve heard of before so far but it’s doing it really well. Backstabbing, an off-the-hinges bad guy, a sexy operative helping me, it’s a James Bond story. However, I like how they’re incorporating real life events in a believable, if somewhat convoluted, way with their story and it assumes a certain amount of intelligence from the player. Not that you need or I need to be a genius in some field but it assumes you paid attention in school and know about major events and some smaller ones to some degree of detail. This game doesn’t treat me like an idiot. At the same time, having kinda goofy moments like Ocelot constantly twirling his guns and EVA having her cleavage out for really no reason is action schlock that makes me giggle. I mean there’s a button so you can look at her boobs during cutscenes! Although EVA is too pale and has too much of a soft filter to look like a human being to me. At least she doesn’t have breasts the size of her own head like most women from Japanese developers. Kudos!

Overall, I’m liking the game although right now, being in this cave is a pet peeve of mine in games. I hate it when I can’t see where I’m going. I get why they do it sometimes but I still don’t like it. I usually end up getting lost and frustrated. It’s not fun but we’ll see. I haven’t actually gone through the cave yet, I’m just kinda dreading having to do it. So have you played MGS3? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below. Peace and Love, Brothers and Sisters. Colorwind out!


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