Journal: The Blog that Continues to Grow

I decided to post my blog about the Wii U on Gaming Precision and the article is getting a lot of comments which is good for Gaming Precision. I’ll post the second part of the blog tomorrow, which is already on my blog, and see how that goes. My last Samurai Shodown video went up today and I was going to record footage of Samurai Shodown II but I ran out of time. I recorded the podcast last night and edited it today. It was only Ivan and me and it went on a bit long but only two more podcasts to go, the Game of the Year one that records tomorrow and the last Gaming Precision Podcast for the year on next Tuesday.

I managed to play Ni No Kuni for about an hour. Which means I got nothing done. I wrote a blog on all the 3DS games I played this year and I finished off my day moderating comments on the post on Gaming Precision, most of which were negative. Now I’m tired and I’m going to relax. Colorwind Out!


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