Journal: Trolled!

Busy, busy day! Today was the first day of the week but I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so I had to do work that covers both today and tomorrow. I already did the review this weekend. That went up on Gaming Precision today so I wrote an Indie Café post on A Virus Named Tom for tomorrow. Then I did a blog post on the Wii U and why I think it’s probably failing. I got quite a lot of responses on that, most of which didn’t agree with me but most were cool about it. One however was a full on troll. That rarely happens to me so I just find it funny. He compared me to Michael Pachter and Satan. lol

Then I recorded some footage of Yoshi’s Island and edited it together for two videos. I tried some effects to make the recording more funny. I think it came out alright. Finally, I did my basic managing duties. Assigned stories, shared features, sent emails. Now I’m just going to get ready for bed and hopefully play something since I haven’t gamed all day until I go to bed. Short post yeah, but a lot of this stuff took a lot of time. Colorwind out!


You talking to me? Are you...talking to me?

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