Journal: My Blogging Return

So I’ve decided to revive my blog and start doing journal entries again. I’ve been having some difficulty writing recently so I’m hoping this will revitalize my creative writing juices. I’ve spent time designing my blog so I’m tired. My day was pretty fun though.

I started my day playing Aquapazza, which I had just got from Gamefly. I already sent it back because I didn’t like it. The game mechanics are actually not bad but it has very few modes, a disappointing online infrastructure, and few characters. The characters also come from Japanese adult novels, which make for some weird dialogue. I’ll probably write a review for it for Gaming Precision.

In terms of work, I just shared my GP picks article and scheduled some posts. I saw the first Superman movie for the first time with Sin. I ended up enjoying it but some things bothered me. One: I get why Lois likes Superman but why does he like her? She never shows compassion to him when he was Clark Kent. She just comes across as too distracted by her job. Two: the first 45 minutes are extremely slow. Three: I don’t like how Gene Hackman portrayed Lex Luthor, nor do I like how he was written. That is not who I see when I think Lex Luthor. Four: the turning back time thing at the end is kind of a cop out. Finally, Lex Luthor is kind of unceremoniously taken to jail. I wanted to see the recently released Man of Steel so I’ll have this movie to compare it to.

That’s about it for today. I’m going to watch YouTube now until I fall asleep. Peace and Love, brothers and sisters.


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