My Gaming Landscape [October 1, 2013]

My Gaming Landscape

I finished Grand Theft Auto V this past week. I’m so glad I picked the ending I did because I looked up the other endings and they are bullshit. Honestly the endings for GTA V are not good, any of them really but there is a clear answer as to which to go for. I won’t spoil it, though I’ll probably write something about it later. That said, I’m still playing it, buying properties and looking for the collectables. I’ve already got all of the spaceship parts and I’m going to work on Stunt Jumps next. I’m focusing on Franklin for now. I haven’t tried GTA Online yet though. Probably later today.

Besides that, I played Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. I’m still not enjoying myself that much but it’s still a competent game. The main problem is the combat is not very engaging. Animations are kind of clunky and you’re essentially doing the same two combos over and over. Also, while I know backtracking is a big part of Castlevania, in this game it’s not worth while and for very hollow reasons. The platforming feels weird too. I’ll be giving a full review once I finish it.

That’s what I’ve been playing! Now for some promotion. Check out my YouTube channel for gaming videos, check out my latest entry for The Indie Cafe where I talk about Papers Please, the latest edition of GP Picks is also up, and finally The Gaming Precision Podcast #5 is up and it’s funny as hell! So what have you been playing?


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